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Jake Tacchi

The World's Cheapest Big Mac: What Burgernomics Tells Us About Lebanon's Economic Crisis

, 31 August 2021
It tastes the same, the packaging's the same – but the differing costs of a McDonalds Big Mac can hold clues to a country's economic health, and in Lebanon, the diagnosis isn't great

EXCLUSIVE ‘An Appropriate Donor’: AI Research at Oxford University Funded by Controversial Firm Linked to Chinese State

, 9 August 2021
A £300,000 artificial intelligence project at the university is sponsored by Tencent – a Chinese company reportedly involved in censorship, surveillance, and Xi Jinping’s propaganda regime

EXCLUSIVE HS2 Ltd Does Not Know How Many Oak Trees it has Destroyed

, 5 August 2021
A freedom of information request has revealed the extent of the damage done to ancient woodland – and failures to count the destruction – caused by the controversial rail project 

EXCLUSIVE An Unequal Kingdom: 12 Graphs that Show How We Were Never ‘In This Together’

, 21 July 2021
The Byline Intelligence Team exposes the poverty and inequality that has burgeoned during 11 years of Conservative rule

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