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Sam Bright and Max Colbert

‘Taken Over by Big Fat Cat Sponsors’: Making Friends and Influencing Ministers at Conservative Conference

, 5 October 2022
Sam Bright and Max Colbert explore the ways in which well-connected corporations are given the opportunity to whisper into the ear of power at the Tory Party conference

EXCLUSIVE The Hardline Forces Shaping the Conservative Leadership Contest

, 14 July 2022
Sam Bright and Max Colbert explore the individuals and organisations that are propelling the Conservative Party’s lurch to the right

EXCLUSIVE Who Are Johnson’s 22 Big Money Backers? And Did They Influence the No Confidence Vote?

, 9 June 2022
Sam Bright and Max Colbert dig into the potential impact of Tory donors on the survival of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister

EXCLUSIVE Black Ties and Dark Money: The Conservative Cash-for-Access Machine

, 7 June 2022
As the party’s biggest donors come out fighting for Boris Johnson, Sam Bright and Max Colbert inspect how the Conservatives continue to sell democracy to the highest bidder

EXCLUSIVE One-Fifth of Elite Conservative Donors Run Firms Penalised for Corporate Infringements

, 4 November 2021
38 top donors to the governing party have held directorships in companies cumulatively fined nearly half a billion pounds since 2010, the Byline Intelligence Team and The Citizens reveal

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