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Sam Bright and Sian Norris

The ‘Culture War’ Continues to Radicalise on Both Sides of the Atlantic

, 10 August 2022
Sam Bright and Sian Norris track the evolution of pro-Trump, pro-Brexit ideologies in the UK and US

EXCLUSIVE Conservative MP Takes £22,000 Second Job For American Group Linked to Anti-Abortion Campaigns

, 24 March 2022
The backlash over the secondary employment of MPs rolls on, as Sam Bright and Sian Norris reveal the lucrative role of one backbench Conservative

The End of Free COVID Testing Will Create a Two-Tier System of Pandemic Healthcare

, 22 February 2022
Sam Bright and Sian Norris inspect how deprived communities will be saddled by the Government's new testing policies

Biometrics: The New Tool of the Hostile Environment

, 17 February 2022
Sam Bright and Sian Norris explore the Home Office’s plan to vastly extend the scope of its immigration data collection

EXCLUSIVE The Conservative Party’s Private Healthcare Patrons

, 12 November 2021
Sam Bright and Sian Norris explore the financial ties between Conservative MPs and private health companies

EXCLUSIVE Big COVID Management Consultancy Winners Fined £101 Million Since 2010

, 28 October 2021
Firms that have won large Coronavirus contracts have paid millions of pounds in fines from Government regulatory bodies in the past decade

EXCLUSIVE Lord Bethell’s Summit with Private Health Interests Over NHS Reforms

, 25 October 2021
The Government has revealed the record of a private meeting between a health minister and various corporate entities, though the details are disputed

EXCLUSIVE Conservative MP Takes Job For Scandal-Hit Asylum Hotel Firm

, 20 October 2021
Crispin Blunt is being paid £117 an-hour by the company, months after it was accused of paying its staff less than the minimum wage

EXCLUSIVE Conservative Councillor Turned Anti-Lockdown Advocate at Centre of Nick Watt Abuse Incident

, 24 June 2021
Sam Bright and Sian Norris explore the growing threat to journalists and press freedom from conspiracy theorists with large online followings

‘Never Heard Of It’: Refugee Charities Respond Over Home Office Primark Spending on Asylum Seekers

, 1 April 2021
The department has said it bought clothes in Primark for asylum seekers who would not have had appropriate clothing when arriving in the UK

‘Health Secretary Lying About Doctors’ Lived Experience is Horrifying’

, 24 February 2021
The Government’s justification for its actions around shortages of personal protective equipment and procurement is a world away from the realities faced by those on the frontline

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