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Patrick Howse

Laura Kuenssberg’s Time as BBC Political Editor has been a Catastrophic, Systemic Failure

, 30 March 2022
Thanks to managers at the BBC, the outgoing Kuenssberg repeated lies rather than challenging them, says former BBC journalist Patrick Howse

BBC Airtime Must Not be Squandered on Liars and Cranks

, 13 January 2022
Former BBC reporter Patrick Howse explains why comments this week by the corporation's head of editorial policy to a House of Lords committee are so concerning when it comes to the BBC's mission to 'inform, educate and entertain'

The BBC Has an Institutional Culture of Brexit Self-Censorship

, 11 October 2021
Former BBC producer Patrick Howse explores why the broadcaster is unwilling to speak truth to power over Brexit

A ‘Disturbing’ Appointment: BBC Continues to Appease Its Enemies as Sir Robbie Gibb is Welcomed to the Board

, 30 April 2021
The appointment of a Brexiter member of the Conservative Party who has slammed the Corporation for its ‘woke-dominated group think’ is another worrying sign of its capture, says former BBC producer Patrick Howse

‘It’s Coming from the Top’: Concerns Inside BBC of Fear of Casting Boris Johnson in a Bad Light

, 31 March 2021
Former BBC reporter Patrick Howse speaks to those inside the corporation after Byline Times asked the BBC about its lack of coverage of Jennifer Arcuri’s new revelations of a four-year sexual affair with the now Prime Minister
Prime Minister Boris Johnson prepares to appear on the BBC's Andrew Marr show at Media City in Salford before opening the Conservative party annual conference at the Manchester Convention Centre.

Huw Edwards, His Flag and How the BBC’s Appeasement of its Enemies Backfired

, 22 March 2021
The corporation’s biggest mistake was to court and give a platform to extreme voices, says former BBC journalist Patrick Howse

False Equivalence is Killing the BBC – and It’s Killing Us, Too

, 13 January 2021
As the national broadcaster continues to provide a platform for Coronavirus fringe science, Patrick Howse explores how its airing of opinions not evidence, and prioritisation of political – rather than health – reporters could be lethal during the COVID-19 crisis

The Truth of the Matter: How the BBC Can Save Itself

, 4 December 2020
Patrick Howse reviews a new book about the forces raging against the BBC, and offers some solutions to the broadcaster’s current predicament

US ELECTION 2020: The Power of Populist Lies and the BBC's Failure to Expose Them

, 10 November 2020
The BBC’s coverage of the 2020 Presidential Election has further exposed its flawed quest for balance, argues Patrick Howse

BBC's Great ‘Balancing’ Act Favours Noise Over Truth

, 13 July 2020
Former BBC reporter and producer Patrick Howse explores what Any Questions’ decision to invite former Brexit MEP Claire Fox onto the show reveals about the corporation’s wider problems

In this Age of Untruth BBC Journalists Are Being Taken for a Ride

, 28 May 2020
Former BBC producer Patrick Howse considers the different approaches of Laura Kuenssberg and Emily Maitlis and what this tells us about the state of the public service broadcaster.

'Real Boot on the Throat Stuff': Why the BBC is Facing the Fight of its Life

, 18 February 2020
Former BBC producer Patrick Howse speaks to those inside the Corporation about the threats facing it at the hands of Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings.

Attacks on the BBC are Less About Broadcasting and More About a Divided Britain

, 7 February 2020
Former BBC producer Patrick Howse demolishes the arguments about the license fee but hears Tony Hall has been a 'Useful Idiot' for those who want to destroy the public service broadcaster.

EXCLUSIVE The BBC 'Facilitates Fascism' says Corporation's Former Reporter

, 15 April 2019
Patrick Howse spent decades reporting news for the BBC, risking life and limb. He believed in Auntie's credo. But the former producer says the corporation's unquestioning Brexit coverage has now crossed the line.

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