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Matthew Gwyther

‘It’s the Stupidity, Stupid’: Brexit and Populism

, 15 November 2022
As the London stock market falls behind Paris for the first time, Matthew Gwyther looks at the real inner causes of Britain's decline

Journalism is Not a Profession: It Has to be Unruly to Challenge the Rulers

, 18 October 2021
As Chinese journalists are sent for professional re-education, Matthew Gwyther argues that regulation and conformity threaten the unlicensed essence of holding power to account

Workers of the World Sit Tight: How COVID Revolutionised Our Working Lives

, 1 October 2021
Matthew Gwyther considers how the pandemic shifted office norms, and the dilemmas associated with our new routines

‘Influence Without Power’: How Management Consultants had a Very Profitable Pandemic

, 24 March 2021
As news emerges that the Test and Trace programme budgeted for £438 million to be spent on management consultants, Matthew Gwyther delves into the inner workings of the industry

Lust: Can We Afford to Keep On Rewarding Excess?

, 19 February 2021

The Rise and Rise of the Big Tech Empire

, 30 December 2020
Matthew Gwyther reports on the continued march of the unaccountable digital monopolies and their ambition to reengineer everything – including us

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