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Kimi Chaddah

Back to School – But Will Johnson’s Omicron Gamble Pay Off?

, 14 January 2022
Two weeks into the new school term, as omicron cases continue to spread, what’s the impact of the Government’s Coronavirus policy on teachers, pupils and school staff?

‘Cloud of Fear Hanging Above Our Heads’: The Teachers and Parents Dreading the Return to School

, 7 September 2021
With schools in England reopening with no real mitigation measures in place, concerns mount that educational settings could become the epicentre of a new surge in Coronavirus cases and instances of Long COVID in children

‘We’re in One Minute, Out the Next’: The COVID Crisis Worsening in England’s Schools

, 6 July 2021
With the Prime Minister announcing the end of Coronavirus restrictions, and school bubbles and isolation being brought to an end, Kimi Chaddah reports on the reality being faced by worried teachers on the frontline

India, Brazil, Britain: Exceptionalism Kills as Populism Thrives

, 23 April 2021
With the spread and impact of the Coronavirus reaching alarming levels in India and Brazil, Kimi Chaddah explores how Narendra Modi, Jair Bolsonaro and Boris Johnson failed their countries but kept their popularity

Young People have been Hung Out to Dry by this Government

, 17 August 2020
18-year-old Kimi Chaddah sets out the pain and distress of people her age that has been callously ignored by those in power

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