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Ellin Stein

‘Mr Jones’ Review: A Timely If Flawed Watch on the Ukrainian Holodomor

, 17 June 2022
As another Russian dictator uses Ukrainian grain as a weapon of war, this 2020 historical thriller is worth a watch, writes Ellin Stein

Heroes and Anti-Heroes: Why True Life Dramas Need Light and Shade

, 6 April 2021
Ellin Stein looks at the power of moral complexity as played out in two BAFTA nominated films based on real events

‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ and the Prosecution of America

, 13 November 2020
This Netflix depiction of mass protests repressed by brutal state violence has stark parallels to today, says Ellin Stein

How ‘Mrs America’ Phyllis Schlafly Laid the Groundwork for Libertarians’ Ongoing Assault on Rights

, 2 September 2020
Gloria Steinem’s criticisms of the hit show about the 1970s US women’s liberation movement miss the prescience the series shows about how a path to the White House was paved for Donald Trump, writes Ellin Stein

Is Murdoch’s New Radio Station Part of Dominic Cummings’ Onslaught on his ‘Mortal Enemy’ the BBC?

, 22 May 2020
Ellin Stein considers whether Times Radio could be part of a wider campaign against public service broadcasting in the UK

Fox in the Coop: The Legacy of Roger Ailes

, 17 January 2020
Ellin Stein reviews two dramatisations of the life and crimes of Rupert Murdoch's Fox News supremo.

‘THE BRINK’: Steve Bannon Doc is Scariest Movie of the Summer

, 11 July 2019
Alison Klayman's new documentary follows the right-wing media executive and one-time Trump confidante Steve Bannon on his mission to create a populist US and Europe.

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