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Dr Cheryl Diane Parkinson

How has the Black Lives Matter Movement Influenced British Education?

, 12 April 2022
Dr Cheryl Diane Parkinson considers how grassroots campaigners are applying anti-racist principles to the schooling system

Racial Biases have been Welcomed Back Into the Education System

, 28 January 2021
Dr Cheryl Diane Parkinson explains the innate discrimination that will afflict many black and minority ethnic pupils now that normal exams have been scrapped due to the Coronavirus crisis

OUR LIVES MATTER: Black History is Still Confined to the Margins of the Education System

, 20 October 2020
Teacher Dr Cheryl Diane Parkinson explains how students are taught to equate Britishness with whiteness

OUR LIVES MATTER: Educating the White Moderate

, 27 July 2020
Creating a fuller, fairer picture of British history requires urgent reforms to the National Curriculum, explains Dr Cheryl Diane Parkinson

OUR LIVES MATTER: An Education in Institutional Racism

, 9 June 2020
In the first of Byline Times’ new series dedicated to giving a platform to new voices of colour, Cheryl Diane Parkinson shares her experiences of confronting structural prejudice within schools

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