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Alex Andreou

‘No One Likes Us, We Don't Care’ is No Way to Govern

, 19 October 2020
Alex Andreou explains how, like Donald Trump, every positive quality that won Boris Johnson power turns into a negative when it comes to running a country

Boris Johnson and the Politics of Perfidy

, 15 September 2020
Alex Andreou looks at the treacherous debasement of British politics as the Government rushes headlong into a trade war with our biggest partner

CONSUMED BY LIES: Britain’s Masochistic Trashing of its Global Reputation

, 8 September 2020
With Boris Johnson now U-turning on the Withdrawal Agreement he signed with the EU in December, Alex Andreou argues how the entire Brexit project “never made any sense” from the very start

Boris Johnson’s Cabinet of No Talents is Doing the Job it was Hired To Do

, 21 August 2020
With Gavin Williamson facing no repercussions over the exams algorithm shambles, Alex Andreou argues that the more incompetent a minister is, the more likely they are to do well under this administration

INTERGENERATIONAL REGRESSION: Young People Really Deserve to be Given a Break

, 13 August 2020
Older generations need to recognise the massive sacrifices being made by their children, argues Alex Andreou

Fatal Vagueness: These Three-Word Slogans Will Be the Death Of Us

, 3 August 2020
Alex Andreou dissects how the Vote Leave Government's latest hollow message around the Coronavirus is devoid of any real meaning and betrays the contempt it holds the British public in

UK’s Rival to Galileo: A Brexit Farce

, 30 June 2020
In space, as in so many policy areas, no one can hear you scream. Alex Andreou on another multi-million-pound fiasco driven by narrow nationalism

The Lost March: How the UK Government's COVID-19 Strategy Fell Apart

, 1 June 2020
Alex Andreou's forensic analysis shows how Boris Johnson's administration underestimated the speed of the Coronavirus pandemic and have been flying blind ever since

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