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Before you scroll down to the solution, this is not the crossword that appeared in the May edition of Byline Times (with “Against The Wall” on the cover)… my error meant that April’s was duplicated in the paper. The solution to that is here.

Puzzle #7 is online at so you may wish to download or print it there first.

So as not to spoil it by showing you answers, there’s some empty space above the solution ↓














1 ConsORT minus (bans) criminals (cons) + party (HOP) + A + brief (ie minus last letter) decree (EDICt) -= ORTHOPAEDIC (make better joints)

7 Able (CAN) + reversal (review) of clergyman (REV) containing (packing) dimwit (ASS) = CANVASSER (door-knocker)

12 Work (TOIL) + alien (ET) + man who talks (TED, ie TED Talks) containing (about) the wet (RAIN) = TOILET TRAINED (potty qualification)

13 Soldiers (SAS) with bow (ARC) inside (in between) + master (M) =SARCASM (derision)

14 Anagram (blow) of DEALT ARCH = CATHEDRAL (building)

15 Royal (R) + city (EC, London city postcode) + reversal of the same (again upheld) = RECCE (case)

16 PM, of which Boris is an example (perhaps), surrounding (digesting) eggs = PROEM (preamble)

17 Freshen up (AIR) + transport (SHIPS) = AIRSHIPS (huge balloons?)

19 Why (Y) with throw (FLING) around + crockery (SAUCER) = FLYING SAUCER (it’s travelled a long way)

21 Check (SCAN) + pulse (DAL)= SCANDAL (disgrace)

23 Sound content (PURr) minus last letter (finish off) + dodgy (IFfY) minus (being removed) foot (F) = PURIFY (filter)

25 Alternate letters (take turns) of dRiEd Up BlEnNy = REUBEN (sandwich)

27 Loose definition (hence the ?) where hitch and toilet point the way to a pragmatic union (MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE)

29 Reversal (going the wrong way) of say (EG) + many (C, ie 100) + floors (KOS) = reptiles (GECKOS)

31 Anagram (surprisingly) of SPIES + small (S) = SEPSIS (dangerous reaction)

32 First class (TOP) around (covering) right as said in Yorkshire dialect (REET) = TREETOP (canopy)

35 Anagram (exercise) of TRIMS POTENCY = STREPTOMYCIN (antibiotic)

37 Regular contestant (COMPER, ie of competitions) contains (accepts) opening (OS, in anatomy) = COMPOSER (a writer)

40 At any time (E’ER) containing (hiding) memory (MB) = EMBER (fire remainder)

41 Tycoon (moGUL) minus way (MO, ie Modus Operandi) + the outside letters of (vacation) AgreeinG = GULAG (camp)

42 Unite (FUSE) around central characters of bIBLe with batting (IN) at the start (opening) = INFUSIBLE (never losing form)

44 Take the even letters (even) of pItChEr CrUmBlE = ICE CUBE (hard water)

45 Begin with (initially) grant (OWN) + queen (ER) + university (OU) containing (adopts) small measure (CC) + dock (PIER) = OWNER OCCUPIER (resident)

46 Advanced (LENT) + apprentice (L) + unknown amount (Y, as in maths) surrounding (outside) that’s (IE) + novel (N) = LENIENTLY

47 Anagram (work) of RESELL TOY AT = TEA TROLLEYS (drink bearers).


1 Choose (OPT) + old company (ICI) + brief reply (ANS) = OPTICIANS (contacts vendors)

2 Chuckle (TITTER) about W (Welsh) = TWITTER (example of social media)

3 Reversal (fall) of runner’s first name (SEB) inside Old English (OE) = OBESE (fat),

4 Regret (APOLOGY) surrounding (about) books (NT, ie New Testament) + time (HR) + duck (O) = ANTHROPOLOGY (scientific study) ,

5 1st letter (entrance) of Disturbing + ahead of time (EARLY) = DEARLY (deeply),

6 Anagram (trips up) of NUTTER mixed with (while) anagram (vandalising) of PELICAN CROSSING = CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT (chip),

7 Italian leader (DUCE) inside (breaks) an anagram (plot) of CIA = CADUCEI (wands),

8 Tyneside (NE) + 1st and last letters (not content) of StrikerS containing (take) time (T) + goad (EGG) = NEST EGGS (reserves),

9 Bar (AERO) + smooth (PLANE) = AEROPLANE (form of travel),

10 Double anagram (chide/overthrow) of CHIDE and BOTSWANA = SHADOW CABINET (opposition leaders),

11 About (RE) + vitamin (C) inside (absorbed by) skin (MEMBRANE) = REMEMBRANCE (recollection),

18 The answer is hidden (discover) in galaHAD JIlted = HADJI (pilgrim),

20 Homonym (mention that) of colleagues (oppos) = OPPOSE (offer resistance),

22 A + dress (FROCk) minus last letter (short) + A + long strut (RIB) + a worthless amount of money (BEAN) = AFRO-CARIBBEAN (islander),

24 Example (say) of Scandinavian (FINNISH) minus (leave) born (N) = FINISH (final appearance),

26 Homonym (quotes) of the French word for small (petit/PETTY) + representative = PETTY OFFICER (sailor),

27 Anagram (cook) of GETS AIRMAIL = MAGISTERIAL (domineering),

28 The answer is hidden (during) servICE UPgrade = ICE UP (catch cold),

30 Reversal (take…back) of jumper (ROO) contains (entrant) on behalf of (PP) + adjust (TUNE) = OPPORTUNE (fitting),

33 Mistake (ERR) after reversal of catch (TRAP) + outside letters (limits) of EagernesS = PARTERRES (level spaces),

34 Anagram (new) of OLD MEN GET = LODGEMENT (position),

36 Age (YELLOW) + first letter (head) of Your = YELLOWY (colourful),

38 Lesser (SUB) + team (SIDE) = SUBSIDE (collapse),

39 Answer is contained in (shows) clasSIER RAdio – SIERRA (range, of mountains),

43 Barcode (SKU) + two pound (LL) = SKULL (container).