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Across: 1 Prejudgment, 7 Fish paste, 12 Pyramid scheme, 13 Non-slip, 14 Night owls, 15 Tesla, 16 Torso, 17 Abdicate, 19 Breathalyser, 21 Suppose, 23 Byplay, 25 Latria, 27 International Date Line, 29 Finish, 31 Pedlar, 32 Regatta, 35 Lollipop lady, 37 Anarchic, 40 Spain, 41 Biota, 42 Plane tree, 44 In-house, 45 Ignominiously, 46 Gyroscope, 47 Resuscitate.

Down: 1 Popinjays, 2 Enraged, 3 Unmet, 4 Go down the pan, 5 Excess, 6 The Star-Spangled Banner, 7 Freesia, 8 Sunbathe, 9 Panatella, 10 Self-restraint, 11 Expropriate, 18 Choir, 20 Oblige, 22 Patent leather, 24 Allure, 26 Patron saints, 27 In full swing, 28 Eager, 30 Seigneurs, 33 Archetype, 34 Sombrero, 36 Leonine, 38 Harissa, 39 Spumes, 43 E coli.


1 Decision (JUDGeMENT) without middle letter (hollow) preceded by (to start) early (PRE) = PREJUDGMENT (decision lacking context)

7 Anagram (at sea) of SHIPS FATE = FISH PASTE (spread)

12 Anagram (rehabilitate) MAIDS + Caught (C) + border (HEM) all surrounded by (opening) fire (PYRE) = PYRAMID SCHEME (fraudulent plan)

13 Poles (N+S) around (adoption of) working (ON) + margin (LIP) = NONSLIP (prevents skidding)

14 Anagram (settles) of LIGHT SNOW = NIGHT OWLS (those up late)

15 Answer (inventor) is hiding in (draws on) wasTE SLAte

16 Ring (O) with peaks (TORS) before it = TORSO (trunk)

17 Decline (ABATE) has police (CID) reversed (backing) inside (accepting) = ABDICATE (give up)

19 Air intake (BREATH) with breakdown (LYSE, of cells) inside (during) arrival AR) = BREATHALYSER (test)

21 Story teller (aESOP) minus first letter (doesn’t start) and reversed (heading West) after a reversal (reviewing) of discharge (PUS) = SUPPOSE (assume)

23 Word play of word meaning a minor part  (in play or film, ie BYPLAY) and a seduction (PLAY) that sounds like (I hear) it might go either way (ie bi/BY)

25 Anagram (abandon) A TRIAL = LATRIA (solitary worship)

27 Word play involving Tinder (suggesting DATE) + telephone service (LINE) + overseas  (INTERNATIONAL) and crossing time zones (time travel)

29 Example of (say) Scandinavian (FINNISH) minus (into exile) born (N) = FINISH (final appearance)

31 Monkey (D=500, or monkey in Cockney) + bullseye (L=50 in Cockney) in the middle of (break into) a fruit (PEAR) = PEDLAR (seller)

32 Concerns (RE) + trading arrangement (GATT) with A = REGATTA (sporting event)

35 Money (LOLLY) surrounding (covers) a promotion (AD) and this has in the middle (including) an example of (perhaps) cosmetic surgery (LIP OP) = LOLLIPOP LADY (traffic controller)

37 A + managed (RAN) reversed (return) + elegance (CHIC) = ANARCHIC (chaotic)

40 Suffering (PAIN) preceded by the S from ‘s = SPAIN (EU member)

41 History of someone (BIO) + soldiers (TA) = BIOTA (life)

42 Example (maybe) of a star (PLANET) + about (RE) + point (E) = PLANE TREE (large growth)

44 When batting (IN) + winning appeal (HOUSE, in bingo) = IN-HOUSE (no external assistance)

45 Very little (MINI) inside (involved with) an anagram (resolve) of YOU LOSING = IGNOMINIOUSLY (shamefully)

46 Lad (GuY) minus (leave) you (U) + Arbuckle’s first (name, ROSCOE) with power (P) inside (break) = GYROSCOPE (disc),

47 Anagram (vagrant) of CURATES SITE = RESUSCITATE (restore life).


1 Drop by (POP IN) + birds (JAYS) = POPINJAYS (extravagant dressers)

2 Mission (END) goes outside (overwhelms) prevailing style (RAGE) = ENRAGED (up in arms)

3 Alternate letters (taking turns) of rUiN aMnEsTy = UNMET (unfulfilled)

4 Crash (GO DOWN) + the toilet (THE PAN) = GO DOWN THE PAN (decline)

5 Mark (CE) inside (held by) former vessel (EX SS) = EXCESS (not needed)

6 Article (THE) + sign (BANNER) with a word describing the heavens (STAR-SPANGLED) just before (above) = THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER (standard, ie flag)

7 Without cost (FREE) + singer (SIA) = FREESIA (cut plant)

8 Anagram (somehow) of ASHEN BUT = SUNBATHE (get darker)

9 Bone (PATELLA) with AN inside (INNER) = PANATELLA (corona)

10 Way (ST) surrounds (bypass) imp (ELF) + hold (RESTRAIN) = SELF-RESTRAINT (control)

11 Anagram (make … difficult) of A PROPER EXIT = EXPROPRIATE (take)

18 Take (freed) the answer (singers) from maCHO IRonman

20 Anagram (fools) of GLIB with Old Etonian (OE) at either end (extremists) = OBLIGE (force)

22 Anagram (unlikely) of TALENT HE in the middle of (interupt) a word for Dad (PATER) = PANTENT LEATHER (shiny material)

24 Reverse (about) French article (LA) + incentive (LURE) = ALLURE (draw)

26 Anagram (engineer) of RATIONS filling a word for boxers (PANTS) = PATRON SAINTS (guardians)

27 Completely (IN FULL) + change opinion (SWING) = IN FULL SWING (really busy)

28 Monarch (ER) outside (keeps) time (AGE) = EAGER (anxious)

30 Anagram (maybe) of REUSE SIGN (SEIGNEURS (Lords)

33 Word play of something meaning typical (arch) and a type of Jag (E-TYPE) and something that is the most typical (ARCHETYPE)

34 Angry (SORE) surrounding (about) doctor (MB) with a word of alternative (OR) reversed (up) = SOMBRERO (headwear)

36 Occupation (LINE) surrounds (takes) an age (EON) = LEONINE (cat-like)

38 1st letter (initially) of horrible (H) with song (ARIA) around (about) German soldiers (SS) = HARISSA (paste)

39 Use 1st three letters of potato (mostly, ie SPUd) to begi (as starter) + son (S) after yours truly (ME) = SPUMES (sprays)