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BYLINE TIMES CROSSWORD #7set by Dr DivaMay 2021

This is the crossword that should have appeared in the May edition of Byline Times, but a frustrating human error (by me, Thomas, the designer) meant that April’s was duplicated. Thank you to Alexis for pointing out the error, and apologies to Alexis and to all the other Byline Times crossword fans.


    1  Consort bans criminals’ party with a brief decree – make better joints! (11)

    7  Able to have clergyman review dimwit packing door-knocker (9)

  12  Potty qualification for work by alien man who talks about the wet (6-7)

  13  Soldiers bow in between master’s derision (7)

  14  Building’s dealt arch blow (9)

  15  Royal city again upheld case (5)

  16  Preamble to Boris, perhaps, digesting eggs (5)

  17  Freshen up transport with huge balloons? (8)

  19  Why throw around crockery? It’s travelled a long way! (6,6)

  21  Check pulse? Disgrace! (7)

  23  Filter sound content but finish off dodgy foot being removed (6)

  25  Take turns to use dried up blenny for sandwich (6)

  27  Pragmatic union resulting from hitch with toilet? (8,2,11)

  29  Reptiles, say, going the wrong way on many floors (6)

  31  Spies surprisingly small but dangerous reaction (6)

  32  Canopy offers first-class covering right throughout Yorkshire (7)

  35  Exercise trims potency of antibiotic (12)

  37  Regular contestant accepts opening as writer (8)

  40  Fire remainder at any time, hiding memory (5)

  41  Camp tycoon loses way by agreeing vacation (5)

  42  Central characters of Bible unite around opening batting and never losing form (9)

  44  Hard water makes even pitcher crumble (3,4)

  45  Resident of Queens’ University adopting small measure to dock grant initially (5-8)

  46  Generously advanced apprentice unknown amount outside. That’s novel! (9)

  47  Resell toy at work to drink bearers (3,8)


    1  Contacts vendors who choose old company’s brief reply (9)

    2  Chuckle about Welsh on social media, for example (7)

    3  Fat old English runner’s first fall inside (5)

    4  Regret about books having time to duck scientific study (12)

    5  Deeply disturbing entrance ahead of time (6)

    6  Chip trips up nutter while vandalising Pelican crossing (7,10,4)

    7  Italian leader breaks CIA plot to make wands (7)

    8  Tyneside strikers not content totake time to goad reserves (4,4)

    9  Bar smooth form of travel (9)

  10  Opposition leaders chide Movement to Overthrow Botswana (6,7)

  11  Recollection about vitamin being absorbed by skin (11)

  18  Discover that Sir Galahad jilted pilgrim (5)

  20  Mention that colleagues offer resistance (6)

  22  Islander has a short dress, a long strut and worthless amount of money (4-9)

  24  Final appearance of Scandinavian, say, born to leave (6)

  26  Sailor quotes small French representative (5,7)

  27  Domineering cook gets airmail (11)

  28  Catch cold during service upgrade (3,2)

  30  Take jumper back on behalf of entrant and adjust fitting (9)

  33  Mistake after catch up limits eagerness for level spaces (9)

  34  Old men get new position (8)

  36  Age your head becomes colourful (7)

  38  Collapse of lesser team (7)

  39  Range of classier radio shows (6)

  43  Barcode stuck on two pound container (5)