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Turlough Conway

EXCLUSIVE Prince Andrew, the Indicted Oligarch and the Luxembourg Bank

, 19 November 2021
In the light of revelations that Prince Andrew was funded by a major Conservative donor and the Banque Havilland, Turlough Conway explores the connection with another major political donor Dmytro Firtash  

EXCLUSIVE Underground Russian Influence: Johnson and the Ghost Station

, 25 February 2020
Turlough Conway on how a new legal case against Boris Johnson raises more questions about money laundered in London and Conservative connections to Russia.

EXCLUSIVE Tip of the Iceberg: More Connections Between Boris Johnson and Russian Influencers Emerge

, 14 February 2020
Turlough Conway investigates a new network of connections with the Prime Minister which lead back, via senior Russian oligarchs, to the alleged agent Joseph Mifsud

How Malta's Assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia Connects to an Organisation Close to Nigel Farage

, 3 December 2019
Turlough Conway reports on two men associated with the murder of Malta's most famous journalist, who were key donors to Nigel Farage’s pan-European political project.

Dark Money and Dirty Data in Nigel Farage and Steve Bannon’s Foreign Money Vehicle

, 14 November 2019
Turlough Conway's investigation into World4Brexit reveals connections to several other shadowy electioneering and funding operations.

It is 99.9% Likely Nigel Farage's Brexit Party Hid Impermissible Donations – and PayPal Can Prove It

, 18 October 2019
With PayPal set to give evidence to the DCMS select committee in two weeks, Turlough Conway, who broke the Brexit Party funding scandal on Byline Times, says they can provide answers to where the money came from.

Brexit Party Paypal Investigation: Rampant Impermissible Donations Revealed by Watchdog's Visit Tip of the Iceberg?

, 3 September 2019
Byline Times' exclusive report on the loopholes in the Brexit Party PayPal funding led to a visit from the elections watchdog which subsequently revealed impermissible donations – but questions remain.

Steve Bannon and Nigel Farage's 'World for Brexit': What is their Opaque New US Lobbying Group About?

, 1 August 2019
In the wake of Labour concerns about 'dark money' influencing British elections, Turlough Conway looks deeper at Nigel Farage's US registered World for Brexit.

BREAKING Is Nigel Farage Fit to be the Next US Ambassador?

, 10 July 2019
With the Brexit Party leader mooted to take up the position of our Man in Washington, Byline Times has some important security and background checks for him.

EXCLUSIVE Brexit Party Must Return Any Impermissible Donations, Says Electoral Commission

, 19 June 2019
Now the Electoral Commission has agreed it's likely that the Brexit Party broke electoral laws during the European Elections, it is legally obliged to return impermissible donations with 30 days of receipt.

Brexit Party's PayPal Funding Methods Slammed by Elections Watchdog - But What Needs to Happen Next?

, 13 June 2019
Turlough Conway, who broke the story of the Brexit Party's questionable PayPal funding structure, provides an analysis of what must now be done to safeguard our electoral processes.

UPDATE 'PayPal Man' - Questions the Electoral Commission Must ask the Brexit Party

, 20 May 2019
Turlough Conway, who broke Byline Times' exclusive investigation into the Nigel Farage and PayPal affair, says the Electoral Commission have a duty to check key elements in the Brexit Party's funding.

BREAKING Brexit Party Donations - Farage's Miracle Claims Do Not Add Up

, 15 May 2019
Following yesterday's revelations that the 'Donate' and 'Registered Member' functions on the Brexit Party site were open to abuse with multiple donations, Turlough Conway finds another huge anomaly in the party's crowd funding claims.

BREAKING UPDATE: Brexit Party Donations - “It Couldn’t Be Less Secure”

, 14 May 2019
"It couldn't be less secure" is Turlough Conway's conclusion as he looks at Nigel Farage's "Never seen anything like it" claim of mass donations to his new party.

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