Sun 5 December 2021

With the Brexit Party leader mooted to take up the position of our Man in Washington, Byline Times has some important security and background checks for him.

Now that the veteran UK diplomat Kim Darroch has resigned following leaks about the US President and at Nigel Farage’s urging– and with Donald Trump openly saying that he would do a “great job” as ambassador – is it only a matter of time before the President’s pal Nigel Farage becomes UK ambassador to the US?

If it is, then Mr Farage will need all his famous tact, craft and diplomacy to conquer the greatest challenge of his life to date: the security clearance and background check. 

First of all, he will have to be completely honest when answering all of the security, personal and business questions – with completely honest defined as not lying and not leaving anything out. 

The following are some reasonable questions which should be put to Mr Farage as part of the process.

Financial Integrity

Other Questions of Public Trust

Questionable Associations

The picture above allegedly shows Nigel Farage, during a period when he had quit Ukip, with Mark Deavin and Tony LeComber

Foreign Contacts

These lists aren’t exhaustive by any means. They do not touch on more recent relationships and the real interview will also star exciting characters such as Steve Bannon, Roger Stone and Julian Assange. And Mr Farage’s fishing trip with Vladimir Putin’s favourite Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. 

Unfortunately for Nigel Farage, “I’m a friend of Trump” won’t be the answer to any of these questions.

Byline Times has contacted the Brexit Party for a response.

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