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Steven Monacelli

EXCLUSIVE Texas Anti-Abortion Bounty Hunting Website Now Hosted in the UK

, 8 September 2021
 ‘Snitch’ website for informants jumps the pond after being removed by multiple US web hosts for violating privacy terms of service and risking breach of federal laws  

EXCLUSIVE Conservative PR Firm Linked to Black Lives Matter Hoax That Fooled Right-Wing Press

, 2 August 2021
A fake organisation designed to stir up the US culture war is linked to a Utah PR firm that has connections with Republicans and dark-money groups

The Christofascism of QAnon

, 9 June 2021
Steven Monacelli, who attended the 'Qonference' of the paranoid conspiracy theory in Dallas earlier this month, fears the quasi-religious movement might not die out without a fight

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