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Sian Norris and Iain Overton

What Progress? The Ongoing Horrors of Sexual Violence in the British Military

, 28 November 2022
Sian Norris and Iain Overton catalogue the allegations, arrests and convictions of sexual offenders in the British military, a year after its leaders promised change

Lack of Due Process in Government Hires

, 8 August 2022
An investigation by the Byline Intelligence Team raises questions about how civil servants are being recruited to Government roles

Political Capture: How Donations Made in the Shadows are Putting Democracy in Danger

, 10 September 2021
An investigation by the Byline Intelligence Team and The Citizens, revealing the profiles of Conservative Party backers in the UK, has exposed how a lack of transparency and the culture of political donations is putting British democracy at risk

EXCLUSIVE Only 13% of Afghan Children Granted Asylum Since 2009 Were Girls

, 17 August 2021
Data analysed by the Byline Intelligence Team reveals that most Afghan people seeking asylum in the UK are young men and boys – as charities call for an asylum system that works for everybody and fears continue about what Taliban rule will mean for women in Afghanistan

Behind the Headlines on the Afghanistan War Lay a Misplaced Jingoistic Complacency

, 16 August 2021
Twenty years ago, large swathes of the media and political establishment defended the invasion of Afghanistan – now, as the Taliban recaptures the country, the confidence feels horribly ill-judged

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