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Matt Bernardini

The Dark Money Operation Seeking to Reshape American Democracy

, 27 June 2022
Matt Bernardini reports on how right-wing groups are attempting to use January 6 conspiracy theories to change the ways Americans vote

EXCLUSIVE Is FinTech the New Frontier for Money Laundering?

, 10 May 2022
Matt Bernardini looks at concerns about the booming business in electronic money institutions

Kleptocracy Versus Democracy: Vladimir Putin’s Biggest Fear

, 28 February 2022
Trump, Giuliani, Manafort and a host of Russian oligarchs have all felt threatened by Ukraine's efforts to tackle corruption and improve democratic accountability, reports Matt Bernardini

EXCLUSIVE A Force for Good? The Firm Following in the Footsteps of Cambridge Analytica

, 8 February 2022
Matt Bernadini investigates Auspex – a successor to the infamous political consulting firm – which was launched with a promise to deliver more positive social change 

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