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Iain Overton and Murray Jones

EXCLUSIVE Was Justice a Victim of the War in Afghanistan?

, 17 October 2022
New data shows how complaints against the UK military in Afghanistan were highly unlikely to be prosecuted, report Iain Overton and Murray Jones

For All was Lost: Comparing US and UK Soldier Deaths in the ‘War on Terror’

, 4 December 2020
New analysis by the Action on Armed Violence charity has tracked how many British and American combatants have died since 2001

EXCLUSIVE Police Shootings Data Raises Concerns Over Structural Discrimination

, 11 November 2020
Iain Overton and Murray Jones reveal new figures about police shootings in the UK, exposing racism embedded in the identity of both the victims and perpetrators

Brexit Britain Must Not Flog its Military to Human Rights Abusers at Any Cost

, 26 October 2020
As the effects of Brexit loom and the UK military becomes more active abroad, it must remember its duty as a human rights advocate, argue Iain Overton and Murray Jones

War is Boring – But We Need to Scrutinise the Military More than Ever

, 29 September 2020
Iain Overton and Murray Jones explore the repercussions of a lack of rigorous scrutiny of the UK's past military actions and how reverence for soldiers is weaponised as the ultimate political tool

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