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Graham Williamson

‘Why Jean-Luc Godard (Still) Matters’

, 15 September 2022
Graham Williamson reflects on how the late French film director wove together arts and politics, transforming cinema forever

Salman Rushdie: the Offence Defence is Not Enough

, 15 August 2022
Rushdie has consistently argued that people should not be harmed for the words they write. But, as Graham Williamson points out, this is not the same thing as believing words are harmless.

Qanon in Georgia — The Conspiracy Theory that has Become an Article of Faith

, 18 June 2020
Graham Williamson reports on how the bizarre American satanic myth is now going mainstream in the Republican Party

Postcards from the Red Wall: Victory Celebrations for a Nation at War with Itself

, 19 May 2020
Graham Williamson reports on how the COVID-19 phase of the culture wars in Middlesborough are an endless re-run of the 1940s

Postcards from the Red Wall: A Town with Contradictions

, 23 March 2020
Graham Williamson visits Doncaster, which voted to Leave the EU by 69% in 2016, and welcomed a Conservative MP to one of its constituencies in the 2019 General Election.

Postcards from the Red Wall: The Other Baker Street

, 6 March 2020
83% in one suburb of Middlesborough voted to Leave the EU. But Graham Williamson sees self-sufficiency and a new spirit despite stereotypes of 'Northern Towns'.

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