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George Llewelyn

‘The “Second Coming” of Boris Johnson Shows the Conservatives are a Party Woefully Out of Ideas’ 

, 21 October 2022
That the scandal-prone former Prime Minister is even being discussed as a replacement for Liz Truss proves how out-of-touch with reality the governing party now is, writes George Llewelyn

‘This Was Their Responsibility Towards Us – Shame On Them’, says Afghanistan’s UN Youth Representative

, 16 August 2021
George Llewelyn speaks to Shkula Zadran, currently in a safe house in Kabal, about the devastation unleashed on the country by the withdrawal of troops by the US and its allies

EXCLUSIVE ‘I Was Taken Along on the Ride’: Fishing Merchant’s Regret at Voting Leave After Brexit Ruins his Business ‘Almost Overnight’

, 22 January 2021
In an exclusive interview with Byline TV, Ian Perkes reveals why he would now vote differently in the EU Referendum if he could turn the clock back

Why Is Homophobia Still an Explicitly Acceptable Prejudice to Hold?

, 19 October 2020
Strictly Come Dancing’s first same-sex pairing is not the milestone those praising the decision believe it to be, writes George Attwood

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