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Brad Blitz

Cruise Ships and Rwanda Red Meat: the Conservative Leadership Contest

, 25 July 2022
Brad Blitz laments the 'migrant-bashing' slogans of contenders Truss and Sunak which do nothing to address the increasing numbers of refugees seeking asylum in the UK

Setting the Record Straight on Rwanda’s Asylum System

, 16 June 2022
The issue is not about physical infrastructure but the quality of legal provision, practical assistance and the conditions facing refugees in Rwanda, writes Brad Blitz

The Home Office is Trying to Consign Asylum Seekers to a Life in Limbo

, 13 June 2022
Brad Blitz unpicks the legal and political logic for deporting desperate individuals to the central African nation

Putin at War: Claiming De-Nazification, Reviving Antisemitism

, 11 May 2022
The Russian President’s Victory Day Speech and his Foreign Minister’s comments suggest of a fully-fledged antisemitic ideology is rearing its head in Russia

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