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Byline Intelligence Team

Seven Decades of Social Progress – But is the UK Heading Backwards?

, 12 September 2022
The Byline Intelligence Team digs into the story of the past 70 years in data

EXCLUSIVE The Truss Network: Who are the New Prime Minister’s Donors and Advisors?

, 9 September 2022
The Byline Intelligence Team maps the network of billionaires, property developers and die-hard libertarians surrounding the new Prime Minister

The UK-Rwanda Partnership: A Timeline

, 8 September 2022
The controversial Rwanda scheme has rarely been out of the headlines. The Byline Intelligence Team, in partnership with the Action On Armed Violence charity, takes a look at the story so far

Britain’s Other Oligarchs

, 27 June 2022
The Byline Intelligence Team explores how Russian roubles are not the only currency cleaned at London’s laundromat

EXCLUSIVE Legal Threats to Byline Times’ Reporting of the PPE Procurement Scandal

, 31 May 2022
The Byline Intelligence Team reports on the legal threats from PPE Medpro, a firm awarded £200 million in Government PPE deals

Conflict and Complicity: 11,000 Civilian Casualties Caused by Saudi Coalition’s Use of Explosive Weapons in Yemen Since 2015

, 16 March 2022
New data shows the extent of the death toll that can be placed at Saudi Arabia’s door, as Boris Johnson seeks closer energy ties with the Gulf state

EXCLUSIVE Arms Export Fines Quadruple in Two Years

, 15 February 2022
Campaigners criticise the Government as the number of infringements committed by military exporters rises dramatically

EXCLUSIVE The Christmas Parties: Another Gathering Exposed – and More Unanswered Questions

, 10 December 2021
The Byline Intelligence Team unearths an eighth event hosted at a Government department last Christmas, and reflects on where this leaves the Prime Minister

EXCLUSIVE Tory Entitlement: Quarter of Top Conservative Donors have Received Honours or Peerages

, 9 September 2021
An investigation into the governing party’s elite donors by the Byline Intelligence Team and The Citizens reveals that the vast majority received their awards in the same time period as they were gifting significant sums of money

EXCLUSIVE Meet Mr Tory: Average Elite Conservative Donor Giving £500,000 is 65-Year-Old White Man Called Michael

, 8 September 2021
A joint investigation by the Byline Intelligence Team and The Citizens reveals the lack of gender and ethnic diversity of elite Conservative donors – raising questions about how it is now the party of hedge funds and oligarchs rather than business and commerce

EXCLUSIVE Five Conspiracy Theories Infecting Anti-Lockdown Groups

, 27 August 2021
The Byline Intelligence Team and The Citizens reveal how anti-lockdown groups can be easy prey to pseudo-scientific theories about the Coronavirus and the impact of vaccines

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