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A profound apology to subscribers to our print newspaper… designer oversight meant the wrong crossword ended up in the March 2021 print edition of Byline Times. Although it says it’s #5, it was a repeat of January’s #3 (solution).

If you read the digital / PDF version of Byline Times, the correct puzzle appeared, and the solution is:


1   Recycling eases caps to Nigel’s views from Dover? (9)
Anagram (recycling) of EASES CAPS = seascapes (Nigel’s views from Dover)

6   Jolly guards scour abuses to contracting suppliers (11)
Jolly (OUTING) surrounding (guards) anagram (abuses) of SCOUR = OUTSOURCING (contracting suppliers)

12 Hope protector actively reacts to light (13)
Anagram (actively) of HOPE PROTECTOR = PHOTORECEPTOR (it reacts to light)

13 Screw up high-five twice, lose head and start to get cross (7)
High-five twice is hIGHTEN, minus 1st letter (lose head) but with cross (T) in front (start to get) = TIGHTEN (screw up)

14 Unionists accept books but discount the French revolutionary influencers (9)
Unionists (LOYalISTS) surrounding books (BB) having removed the word for the in French (la) reversed (revolutionary) = LOBBYISTS (influencers)

15 Funny message about plot to censor as plans unravel (4,7)
Message meaning funny (LOL) about anagram (plot) of TO CENSOR = LOSE CONTROL (plans unravel)

17 System a neighbour sold with imperfections (5)
A neighbour (B) + sold with imperfections (AS IS) = BASIS (system)

18 Dries off before work out to cause another break down (10)
Anagram (off) of DRIES before work out (SOLVE) = REDISSOLVE (to cause another break down)

20 Live by morning sunlight (4)
Live (BE) + morning (AM) = BEAM (sunlight)

22 Untie gundog after clipping (4)      
Take away the outside letters (clipping) of gUNDOg = UNDO (untie)

24 Nickname limited by new driver taking unopened jar relating to tissue (10)
Nickname (EPITHEt) minus last letter (limited) + new driver (L) + jar (vIAL) without 1st letter (unopened) = EPITHELIAL (relating to tissue)

26 A longer sleep expected during meeting with Johnson? (3-2)
Wordplay of a longer sleep and what you might expect a meeting with Johnson would be like = LIE-IN

27 Beat instrument that fish plays? (4,6)
Instrument (GUITAR) a fish (BASS) might play a beat on

29 Actions that prevent reckless spaceman taking afternoon off with empty stomach (10)
Anagram (reckless) of SpACEmAN minus (take off) afternoon (pm) with empty (VOID) in the centre (stomach) = AVOIDANCES (actions that prevent)

32 Develop potential point with Italian leader (5)
Point (E) + Italian leader (DUCE) = EDUCE (develop potential)

33 & 35 down  Swindle Cliff to widespread concern and clash with other obligations (8,2,8)
Swindle (CON) + anagram (widespread) of CLIFF TO + interest (CONCERN) = CONFLICT OF INTEREST (clash with other obligations)

34 I’ll audition offshore (4)
Homonym (audition) of I’ll = ISLE (offshore)

36 Writer of notes sends first two letters back to church (4)
First two letters (AB) reversed (back) + church (CH) = BACH (writer of notes)

37 Far out craft’s remarkable copper base (5,5)
Anagram (remarkable) of COPPER BASE = SPACE PROBE (far out craft!)

39 Teachers attempt to get right away, like Hazel (5)
Teachers (NUT) + attempt (TrY) minus (get away) right (R) = NUTTY (like hazel)

42 Spice adds pizzazz to theatre comeback, opening with leading player (5,6)
Open with leading player (WHITE, in chess) + pizzazz (PEP) + reversal (comeback) of theatre (REP) = WHITE PEPPER (spice)

43 Obscure wall covering (9)
Double definition of obscure and wall covering = WHITEWASH

45 Admit objective is an act of self-harm (3,4)
Admit (own) + objective (GOAL) = OWN GOAL (act of self-harm)

47 Decree that exercise involves a man (and many like him) carrying weight (13)
Exercise (PT) around (involves) a man (RON) + many like him (MEN) with weight (OUNCE) in between (carrying) = PRONOUNCEMENT (decree)

48 Spoil fish during unexpected delay without a tart for starters (11)
Fish (COD) inside (during) anagram (unexpected) of DELaY minus (without) the letter a + tart (MOLL) at the beginning (for starters) = MOLLYCODDLE (spoil)

49 Prolific is pathetic term used in exchange for it (9)
Pathetic (PitIFUL) has term (LENT) in exchange for the letters IT = PLENTIFUL (prolific).


1   Part of plant picked from dense palmtops (5)
Extract (picked) the answer from denSE PALmtops = SEPAL (part of plant)

2   Love Latin name for Lincoln’s retro Southern life forms (7)
Latin word for love (AMO) + name for Lincoln (ABE) reversed (is retro) + Southern (S) = AMOEBAS (forms life)

3   Almost miss furore after call about working for the betterment of friends (8)
Anagram (furore) of first 3 letters (almost) of MISs follows call (CRY) surrounding (about) working (ON) = CRONYISM (the betterment of friends)

4   Boris’ attitude to women perhaps results from confident early appeal to so-called headmaster (8,9)
Appeal (PLEA) precedes (before) confident (SURE) + homonym (so-called) of headmaster (principal/PRINCIPLE) = PLEASURE PRINCIPLE (Boris’ attitude towards women)

5   They give focus to designs (5)
Double meaning of designs and something that gives focus = SPECS

6   Gets the better of openly gay student groups (10)
Openly gay (OUT) + groups of students (CLASSES) = OUTCLASSES (gets the better of)

7   Looks for a specific page to seek help (5,2)
Double meaning of looks for a specific page and to seek help = TURNS TO

8   Frequently a softy at heart (3)
The heart of sOFTy = OFT (frequently)

9   State administrator engineers information on junction (6)
Engineers (RE) + information (GEN) + junction (T) = REGENT (state administrator)

10 Soak up conclusions about cases of meddling (13)
Conclusions (INFERENCES) surrounding (about) a reversal (up) of soak (RET) = INTERFERENCES (cases of meddling)

11 Honourable chap has sympathetic staff (9)
Sympathetic (GENTLE) + to staff (MAN) = GENTLEMAN (honourable chap)

16 Disbelieved iconic criminal caused peaceful protest (5,12)
Anagram (criminal) of DISBELIEVED ICONIC = CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE (peaceful protest)

17 Light up castle entrance as promotional piece (5)
Reversal (up) of light (BULB) with castle (R, from rook in chess) inside (entrance) = BLURB (promotional piece)

19 Alight to apprehend Republican infiltrator (7)
Apprehend (DETAIN) with Republican (R) inside (infiltrator) = DETRAIN (alight)

21 Legal response from devoted secretary outlining the Spanish withdrawal (4)
Devoted secretary (PA) around (outlining) a reversal (withdrawal) of the word of the in Spanish (EL) = PLEA (legal response)

23 Hardly working to actively unify Scotland (13)
Anagram (actively) of UNIFY SCOTLAND = DYSFUNCTIONAL (hardly working)

25 Without context, popular London venue loses link about Open University backing (2,5)
Popular (IN) + London venue (V&A) minus link (ie &) + about (C) + reversal (backing) of Open University (OU) = IN VACUO (without context)

28 White horse is rather nondescript (4)
Double meaning of white horse and rather nondescript = GREY

30 Disc rumoured to be pornographic perhaps (5)
Homonym (rumoured) of a word for disc (CD) = SEEDY (pornographic)

31 Any ambition can be used for anything (3-7)
Any (ALL) + ambition (PURPOSE) = ALL-PURPOSE  (used for anything)

32 Enough space and opportunity to track the Spanish weapon store (5,4)
Opportunity (ROOM) follows (track) a word for the in Spanish (EL) with weapon (BOW) in between (store) = ELBOW ROOM (enough space)

35 see 33 across

38 Little crustacean to survive bubble (7)
Survive (COPE) + bubble (POD) = COPEPOD (little crustacean)

40 Bag contents taken by London pickpocket, maybe? (3,4)
Double meaning of an ingredient of the contents of a (tea)bag and Cockney slang for a thief = TEA LEAF

41 Crime caused by loveless nutter promoting iron (6)
Nutter (LOoNY) less love (O) advancing (promoting) iron (FE) = FELONY (crime)

43 Doctor’s mission is to express joy (5)
Doctor (WHO) + mission (OP) = WHOOP (express joy)

44 Send the French back after heated opening of auberge (5)
Begin (opening) with heated (HOT) + reversal (send…back) of the in French (LE) = HOTEL (auberge)

46 Poop way out from behind the outhouse (3)
Poop (stOOL) minus (out) way (ST) and reversed (from behind) = LOO (outhouse)).