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  11  Embellish motley surroundings like a rainbow (12)
Motley (VARIED) surrounding embellish (COLOUR) = VARICOLOURED (like a rainbow)

  12  Weighty fabric on recent form (8)
Anagram (form) of ON RECENT = CRETONNE (weighty fabric)

  13  Refuse to duck question about male setting out to show contempt (4,1,5)
At the beginning (setting out), male (COCK) + question (ASK) surrounding (about) refuse (NO) + duck (O) = COCK A SNOOK (to show contempt)

  14  Hardy woman’s overjoyed to make a pattern  (10)
Hardy woman (TESS of the d’Urbervilles) + overjoyed (ELATE used as an adjective) = TESSELATE (to make a pattern)

  15  Drawing instruments requires material advice by authors (4-3,4)
Material (FELT) + advice (TIP) + authors (PENS) = FELT TIP PENS (drawing instruments)

  18  Organise information to begin online discussion (9)
Start with (to begin) information (NEWS) + organise (GROUP) = NEWSGROUP (online discussion)

  21  Expectation of gain conferred profit (6,8)
Conferred (VESTED) + profit (INTEREST) = VESTED INTEREST (expectation of gain)

  23  You make brief boast about vessels (1-5)
Shorten (make brief) you (U) + anagram (about) of boast (BOATS) = U-BOATS (vessels)

  24  Damage to coin changes scale (8)
Damage (HARM) + anagram (changes) of COIN = HARMONIC (scale)

  26  Movement elsewhere let men transfer into another street (12)
Anagram (transfer) of LET MEN mixed with (into)  anagram (another) of STREET = RESETTLEMENT (movement elsewhere)

  28  Time of Dior’s first period? (9,3)
Dior’s first (name) CHRISTIAN + period (ERA) = CHRISTIAN ERA (time)

  30  Hair and feathers restrict access (8)
Hair (LOCK) + feathers (DOWN) = LOCKDOWN (restrict access)

  32  Calculate that ship sinks in rough seas (6)
Anagram (rough) of SEAS with ship (SS) inside (sinks in) = ASSESS (calculate)

  33  Dominant tendency of super impressive nose? (6,8)
Super impressive (KILLER, as in colloq, “killer dance move”) + nose (INSTINCT, as in having a nose for sthg) = KILLER INSTINCT (dominant tendency)

  35  York named as Byzantine source of undisclosed sums (4,5)
Anagram (Byzantine source) of YORK NAMED = DARK MONEY (undisclosed sums)

  37  Recognising the origin of pride lies in delivering the best service (11)
The origin of pride (CREDIT, as in being a credit to..) inside (lies in) delivering the best service (ACING) = ACCREDITING (recognising)

  40  Obligation to fund Boris’ folly? (10)
Wordplay obligation to fund (FOOT) and Boris’ folly (ie his garden BRIDGE) = FOOTBRIDGE

  42  Chuck next to cluster of influential people (5,5)
Chuck (LOB) + next to (BY) + cluster (GROUP) = LOBBY GROUP (influential people)

  45  Game girl takes boat around King Charles’ loop (8)
Girl (LASS) + type of boat (E) around King Charles (CR) + loop (O) = LACROSSE (game)

  46  Prepares manufacturers for war? (4,8)
Wordplay of prepares (ARMS) & manufacturers (INDUSTRY) & war = ARMS INDUSTRY


    1  Mindlessly thrash around for colour (8)
Thrash (CANE) around mindlessly (ROTE) = CAROTENE (colour)

    2  The best plucker (4)
Wordplay of the best and plucker, with both suggesting PICK

    3  Turn snob into first class pot plant (6)
Reverse (turn) SNOB + first class (AI) = BONSAI (pot plant)

    4  Decline to start probibition (2-2)
Decline (NO) + start (GO) = NO-GO (prohibition)

    5  Dishevelled rent boy held rake in a miserable way (15)
Anagram of (dishevelled) RENT BOY HELD RAKE = BROKENHEARTEDLY (in a miserable way)

    6  Former copper involved in crooked site adjustments (5)
Former copper (D, as in old penny) mixed with anagram (crooked) of SITE = EDITS (adjustments)

    7  Brexit Dick confused about reference to woman’s English glacier (3,5)
Anagram (confused) of Brexit Dick (TICE) surrounding (about) reference to woman (SHE) + English (E) = ICE SHEET (glacier)

    8  Serco set loses no time disguising set back (6)
Anagram of (disguising) SERCo SEt minus (loses) no (O) and time (T) = RECESS (set back)

    9  Adds heat to a presurized environment? (6,4)
Wordplay of something that adds heat and a pressurized environment for BOILER ROOM

  10  Nick has time to replace many buckles and bring people together (4)
Anagram (buckles) of NICK with time (T) replacing many (C, ie 100) = KNIT (bring people together)

  16  Pole has system for betting a grand (5)
System for betting (TOTE) + a grand (M) = TOTEM (pole)

  17  Allowed to take a turn and plant seed about remedy (7)
Reverse (turn) allowed (CAN) + A with plant seed (PEA) around it (about) = PANACEA (remedy)

  19  Previously inclined to hold nothing back after raise (2,2,3)
Reverse (back) inclined to (WONT) with nothing (O) inside (holding) following (after) raise (UP) = UP TO NOW (previously)

  20  Article has hitherto unknown material about Bob to support conclusion (9,6)
Hitherto unknown (NEW) + material (PAPER) either side of (about) Bob (S, as in shilling) + support (COLUMN) = NEWSPAPER COLUMN

  22  Gives Brown backing and does without (7)
Turn brown (TAN) around (backing) with DOES either side (without) = DONATES (gives)

  23  Students riot about secure releases (7)
Anagram (riot) of students (NUS) either side of  (about) secure (LOCK) = UNLOCKS (releases)

  25  Capital has centre that is unable to communicate (7)
Put HAS in the misddle of (centre) a capital (APIA, capital of W Samoa) = APHASIA (unable to communicate)

  27  One who counts 100% in Govt restrictions (7)
100% (ALL) inside Govt restrictions (TIER) = TALLIER (one who counts)

  29  Athletes decorate fish with sporty badge (3-7)
Decorate (ICE) + fish (SKATE) + sporty badge (RS, as in cars) = ICE SKATERS (athletes)

  31  Refrain from evicting sister for belief in God (5)
Refrain from (DEsIST) without (evicting) sister (S) = DEIST (belief in God)

  33  Retain urge to enter and be closely involved (4-4)
Put urge (NEED) inside (enter) retain (KEEP) = KNEE-DEEP (closely involved)

  34  Wins a playground game from the sound of it (8)
Homonym of CONQUERS (wins) that sounds like conkers (playground game)

  36  Advance happening with euphoria (6)
Happening (ON) + euphoria (RUSH) = ONRUSH (advance)

  38  Butterflies have uninspiring plugs (6)
Uninspiring (DRY) + plugs (ADS) = DRYADS (butterflies)

  39  Hunk is one of  the many middlemen (2-3)
The word for hunk is fount in tHE MANy middlemen

  41  Stone Tellytubby and his other half are both retired (4)
One Tellytubby (PO) + half of another (LA la) are both reversed (retired) = OPAL (stone)

  43  Dip caused by second-rate border (4)
Second-rate (B) + border (LIP) = BLIP (dip)

  44  Scheme’s operation starts off right (4)
Start off with right (R), then operation (USE) = RUSE (scheme)