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Zamaan Qureshi

US Justice Department Case Against Paul Manafort Re-Opens Trump Campaign’s Ukraine, Russia and Cambridge Analytica Connections

, 4 May 2022
As the US Justice Department sues pardoned Paul Manafort over undisclosed foreign banks accounts, Zamaan Qureshi follows the financial links with Putin's oligarch Oleg Deripaska and a Russian intelligence agent

How Cambridge Analytica’s Style Propaganda Failed in Afghanistan

, 7 September 2021
Professor David Carroll reflects on the “colonialist, aristocratic, and oligarchic” assumptions of the campaigning firm involved in Trump and Brexit

GB News Presenter Nigel Farage Emerges in Unredacted FBI Files

, 5 August 2021
Zamaan Qureshi explores new revelations from the Mueller probe into the leaking of emails hacked by Russian intelligence services to Wikileaks during the 2016 US Presidential election

US Foreign Policy For Sale: Thomas Barrack, Jared Kushner and the UAE

, 27 July 2021
After the indictment of the former president‘s ‘best friend’, Zamaan Qureshi ties together the web of links between the Trump Campaign and agents of foreign governments

Brad Parscale and Alexander Nix: the Cambridge Analytica Chickens Come Home to Roost

, 21 May 2021
Facebook hacking, voter suppression, psychographic targeting? Four years on the congressional denials turn out to be false, reports Zamaan Qureshi

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