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Stefan Simanowitz

Stefan Simanowitz worked for the ANC’s Dept of Publicity & Information in Western Cape Regional office from 1992 to 1994.

Let the Nation Mourn: UK Marks One Year Since First COVID-19 Death

, 5 March 2021
Amongst the politics swirling around the Coronavirus crisis, Britain must find time for collective grief, says Stefan Simanowitz

Give Our Sorrow Words: Biden Is Right to End Trump Era with Grief for COVID Losses

, 19 January 2021
The incoming US President Joe Biden is today providing a space of collective mourning for the American nation, reports Stefan Simanowitz

COVID Memorial Day: It Is Time to Give Our Sorrow Words

, 4 September 2020
A day of remembrance is being held to mourn all those we have lost to COVID-19, six months after the UK’s first Coronavirus death

Herd Immunity – Timeline of a Climb-Down

, 18 March 2020
Stefan Simanowitz recounts how counterclaim and backlash over a flawed Government policy wasted precious days in the UK's fight against the Coronavirus.

A Blood-Soaked Birth: the 25th Anniversary of a Democratic South Africa

, 27 April 2019
Exactly a quarter-century ago South Africans went to the polls in elections that would bring Mandela to power and end almost 350 years of white domination. But it was tense and violent.

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