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Iggy Ostanin

EXCLUSIVE Boris Johnson Defended Nazi-Supporting Austrian Politician Against the EU

, 11 September 2020
The Prime Minister is said to have been in two minds about remaining in the EU, but Iggy Ostantin reveals he supported far-right figures who opposed it

EXCLUSIVE Russian State-linked Figures Promoted Portland ‘Cruise Rally’ and Fake News Site Inciting New American Civil War

, 5 September 2020
Iggy Ostantin reveals Putin's interference in US politics appears to be even deeper and darker in 2020

EXCLUSIVE The Body in the Bath: The Russian Connections to the Strange, Unexplained Death of a British Spy

, 18 August 2020
With Parliament's Russia Report exposing Putin's covert operations in the UK, Iggy Ostantin looks at new Kremlin connections to the MI6 money-laundering expert found dead in his Pimlico flat in 2010

EXCLUSIVE Revealed: Boris Johnson's Hidden History of Islamophobia

, 1 July 2020
Iggy Ostanin unearths troubling new evidence of anti-Muslim racism in a rediscovered personal blog of Britain's Prime Minister

“Climategate” Email Hacking was Carried out from Russia, in an Effort to Undermine Action on Global Warming

, 1 July 2019
Iggy Ostanin's forensic work tracks early Russian hacking and interference in the climate change debate, which had an immediate effect on Donald Trump.

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