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Dr Maria Norris

The Nationality and Borders Bill is a Legacy of Empire

, 13 December 2021
We need to start calling British immigration policy and law for what it is: a form of post-colonial, racialised nation-building, says Dr Maria Norris

The ‘War on Terror’: Turning a Blind Eye to 20 Years of Brutality

, 10 September 2021
Cloaked under the false dichotomy of the need for a trade-off between security and rights, the post-9/11 years are a shameful track record of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment which must not be forgotten, says Dr Maria Norris

Why is Deadly Misogyny Not Recognised as a Form of Extremism?

, 18 August 2021
The Plymouth shooting is a perfect illustration of the failure of the UK’s counter-terrorism apparatus to fully understand emerging threats, argues Dr Maria Norris

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