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Angelo Calianno

Oil, Pollution and Global Warming: the Reality for Iraq

, 13 May 2022
Angelo Calianno visits the oil-producing town of Basra and the Mesopotamian marshlands to witness the direct consequences of fossil fuel production on the environment and its inhabitants 

EXCLUSIVE Selling Smoke: The Forgotten Child Victims of Taliban Rule

, 4 April 2022
A cruel new era of Taliban rule is turning the clock back in Afghanistan. Angelo Calianno reports from Bamiyan, where more than the world-famous giant Buddhas were destroyed

EXCLUSIVE ‘Keep Watch Over Us’ – A Plea from the Women Abandoned in Afghanistan

, 26 January 2022
Meet eight Afghan women still fighting for their rights in face of Taliban repression. Interviews and photos by Angelo Calianno

The New Armenian Diaspora: Nowhere To Go, No Home to Go Back To

, 30 July 2021
Angelo Calianno talks to a few of the 65 thousand forgotten and abandoned refugees who fled the Azeri invasion of Nagorno-Karabakh

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