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Adam Hamdy

Coronavirus and Cultural Supremacy: Punishing the Cult of Exceptionalism

, 9 March 2021
Adam Hamdy argues that a year of fighting COVID-19 has revealed the lazy, superior assumptions of the West and Britain in particular

Collective Action to Personal Responsibility: The Big COVID Leap of Faith the Government Wants Us All to Make

, 24 February 2021
Adam Hamdy considers how the public is to realistically assess its own risk from the Coronavirus and ‘live with it’

How Did the Government Get It So Recklessly Wrong on COVID-19, Children and Schools?

, 6 January 2021
Despite evidence showing the risk of teachers catching the Coronavirus in schools and then passing it on to others in the community, the Government has ignored the issue at every turn, says Adam Hamdy

Britain Can’t Put All its COVID Eggs in the Vaccine Basket

, 1 December 2020
Adam Hamdy argues that the Government is mistaken in its belief that a vaccine alone will allow life to return to normal

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