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The Coronavirus Crisis: It Was There For All to See in the £20 Notes – Wasn’t it?

Otto English explains how nations that start by normalising conspiracy theories end up having their phone masts burned down

The Coronavirus Crisis
It Was There For All to See in the £20 Notes
Wasn’t it?

Otto English explains how nations that start by normalising conspiracy theories end up having their phone masts burned down.

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The truth is out there, you just have to know where to look.

Take the shape of our planet.

For decades schools and textbooks have conspired to perpetuate the sham that our Earth is circular. Every scientist since Copernicus has been embroiled in a collusion to disprove the truth that our planet, alone among the celestial objects, is flat. But it’s a fake, a fraud, a con disseminated on a monumental scale. All those pictures of a round planet were mocked up by employees of Kodak. All those astronauts who claimed they went to the Moon are actors.

You might wonder why this conspiracy exists but that’s because you’ve been brainwashed by the BBC and quite possibly by Gary Lineker.

If you believe that the “Earth is round” you’re probably gullible enough to think that COVID-19 just appeared out of nowhere in China; spread from bats to humans in a wet market before making its way around the world. And, to be honest, I used to think that too, but this week I began digging deep into alternative voices on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and now I know what has really been going on.

5G is the Key

Let’s start by dispelling the biggest COVID-19 myth of all: that this ‘illness’ wasn’t started by bats or a ‘virus’ – it was caused by 5G and, if it wasn’t, then George Soros isn’t a shape-shifting lizard and David Icke ain’t no son of God. 

On 1 November 2019, China switched on its new 5G network in the province of Wuhan and, shortly after that, individuals started to get ill. 5G uses radio waves on the electromagnetic spectrum. That’s the same science that goes on in microwave ovens, but 5G doesn’t operate in a metal box – it’s literally out there in the open. Free to roam about like illegal immigrants doing its worst. Put simply, since November, high frequency radiation has been cooking the human race – from the inside out – like a giant pot noodle.

The globalists planned all of this. They hoped it would kill off the elderly (although curiously not George Soros) and allow them to put into action their long-term plan to end the white race and replace it with Muslim migrants. But they badly miscalculated. 

The world’s population got sick and, as they did, the deep state began to panic. Realising that 5G might ruin their globalisation project, they hatched a brilliant plan: tell everyone to stay inside under the smokescreen of ‘self isolation’ until the problem had been fixed. That way, ordinary people wouldn’t get boiled alive and would once again be able to serve their Illuminati masters. 

Fortunately, workers at the Royal Mint working on the new £20 stumbled across the plot and courageously decided to feature a coded message in the notes. These brave individuals sneaked a picture of a huge 5G mast emitting deadly beams into the design and got the conspiracy out to ordinary people. ‘Fact checkers’ claimed that it was actually a lighthouse in Margate, but folks on the internet knew otherwise. The new £20 note proved beyond all doubt that COVID-19 was a myth and the lockdown a plot to distract us from the real threat – the one posed by enhanced super-fast mobile connectivity, the one that will make your head explode like an egg in a microwave oven. And if you don’t like that theory, I’ve got others.

How about the one in which Bills Clinton and Gates co-own a lab in Wuhan and have been using the virus to implant microchips inside people’s heads? Or the one suggesting that it’s a plot hatched by Greta Thunberg to destroy airlines and stop the climate change that isn’t even happening? 

Normalising Lies

An estimated 29% of Americans now believe that the Coronavirus was created in a lab in China. That’s a greater proportion of the population than voted for Donald Trump. 

The US President has, of course, been playing his part in fighting back against the torrent of fake news. As he is now making clear, the scale of the crisis is really the fault of the World Health Organisation and an attempt to discredit him in an election year by CNN. Trump knows what’s really going on and everyone in his head agrees with him. 

For a decade, mainstream voices and politicians have conspired to perpetuate lies about everything from vaccinations to membership of the EU to the risks posed to Western societies by a few thousand desperate asylum seekers in boats. Nations that start by normalising conspiracy theories end up having their phone masts burned down.

It would all be darkly comic if it wasn’t so frightening. 

The real conspiracies exist in the open. They are the ones hatched up courtesy of dodgy dossiers and promises of blue passports that will liberate us from imagined dictatorships. The conspiracy at play here is the chronic mishandling of this crisis by governments including our own and their desperate attempts to cover this up. The conspiracies about 5G and even the ones claiming that Boris Johnson faked his illness distract from that. 

But then I would say that – I’m a journalist.

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