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Odeon of Death Film of the Month: 28 Kids Later

The Odeon of Death takes a look at the month’s events through the medium of cinema.

Odeon of Death
Film of the Month
28 Kids Later

The Odeon of Death takes a look at the month’s events through the medium of cinema.

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28 Kids Later (2020)

A plague of bullshit has swept through the UK, and the “Super-Spreader” is thought to be a recent father. Meanwhile, the PM reassures he’ll repopulate Britain single-handedly. “Which is ironic as I’m more generally regarded as an enthusiastic self-isolater.”

A longer version of this review will be published in this month’s print edition of Byline Times.

The Odeon of Death, AKA Ali Catterall, can be found on Twitter at @OdeonofDeath.

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