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In the vein of constructive journalism, Byline Times is happy to team up with Rebel Cities to provide a weekly news and calendar service for activists from all walks of life and causes. The key calendars are below and we’ll following up with reviews and a newsletter. Message us on TwitterFacebook or or if you want to contribute or share.

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15 April: Extinction Rebellion’s – International Rebellion

“Join us as we engage in acts of non-violent civil disobedience against governments in capital cities around the world. This is not a one-off march – we will keep going for as long as we have to, shutting down cities day after day until our demands are met.”

April 16, 2019: International Rebellion Update #1 – The Rebellion begins

After so many months of preparation and planning, today was the day our Rebellion began. In 25 countries around the world, rebels of all kinds and backgrounds have begun taking non-violent direct action in a bid to save our planet from catastrophe. From today we will be writing history.

The London Rebellion opened under a bright blue morning sky. Earth Marchers, Rebel Riders and freshly arrived rebels from all over the country began packing up their tents – having camped the night in Hyde Park. READ FULL REPORT HERE

April 16, 2019: The NASUWT secured compensation of £14,933,905.34 for members during 2018.

The compensation was awarded for successful claims including unfair dismissal, unlawful discrimination, personal injuries and criminal assault. The NASUWT experienced a significant increase last year in cases relating to unlawful discrimination by employers towards members.  UNION NEWS LINK HERE

April 16, 2019: Blacklist Support Group statement about Spy Cops Police have been visiting activists’ homes unannounced in regarding #spycops who infiltrated unions & political campaigns. To be crystal clear: we do not trust the police to investigate themselves & will not be providing any info to them – only to the public inquiry STATEMENT LINK

April 15, 2019: LEGAL SECTOR WORKERS JOIN RADICAL UNION FOR LOW PAID WORKERS UNITED VOICES OF THE WORLDParalegals, solicitors and barristers across the UK have voted to unionise through the trade union United Voices of the World (UVW) to form Legal Sector Workers United (LSWU). LSWU aims to tackle the sector’s poverty pay, inequality and fight to bring back legal aid. PRESS RELEASE LINK HERETHE LAW SOCIETY GAZETTE

April 15, 2019: Government scraps no-fault evictions in ‘biggest win for tenants in decades’ The government has scrapped a law that allows landlords to evict tenants for no good reason, in a move that tenants groups across Manchester have hailed as a ‘win’.

Section 21 of the Housing Act previously let landlords evict tenants without good reason – once informed, tenants had as little as two months to pack up and leave. M.E.N. REPORT ON ACORN VICTORY HERE

14 April, 2019: LETTERS TO THE EARTH, AT APRIL YOUTH STRIKE “We the youth are rising up because we have no other choice” So says Noga Levy-Rapoport, 17, one of the organisers at UK Student Climate Network. WATCH VIDEO AND READ REPORT HERE – REAL MEDIA

13th April 2019: Ford unions ready to strike GMB and Unite have warned Ford bosses they are ready to strike over compulsory redundancies. In a statement to workers at Bridgend, Dagenham, Daventry, Dunton and Halewood, the Ford national joint negotiating committee said:  “If any location is faced with compulsory redundancies, or plant closure, then each location would be balloted for industrial action.” UNION NEWS LINK

April 12, 2019: UVW forced Chanel to increase the wages of its cleaners by 10% in every Chanel store across the country after threatening to walk out on strike. If we can win that with the threat of a strike, imagine what could be achieved with an all out strike not only in Chanel but across all big fashion and other brands. Now the fight continues for the real London Living Wage!

April 13, 2019: GreenPeace tell government the 6 things they need to do to fight climate change


April 12, 2019: Review: Green Growth

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) ‘Green growth means fostering economic growth and development while ensuring that natural assets continue to provide the resources and environmental services on which our well-being relies’. Green growth: Ideology, Political Economy and the Alternatives assesses the impact and viability of green growth and outlines the alternatives. RS21 REVIEW LINK HERE

April 12, 2019: To the climate strikers: thank you for teaching us a lesson A message of thanks to the youth strikers taking to the streets to demand action on climate change in the UK and around the world again today.

Friday, 12 April: HSBC – Stop funding destruction A coalition of campaigning groups are organising a protest outside the venue of HSBC’s AGM in Birmingham. Join us there to demand that HSBC stop funding the death and destruction of people and planet!

We are anti-militarism and climate groups who recognise the inseparable nature of our struggle for peace and climate justice. Organisations involved include: Palestine Solidarity Campaign, War on Want, BankTrack,, and the National Committee of Bangladesh UK.

Friday, 12 April: Climate Strike – Fridays For Future London (and everywhere)

Across the world, young people are going on school strikes for the climate, demanding that governments take the necessary action to decrease carbon dioxide emissions and act in accordance with the Paris Agreement* and the IPCC*.

Join the movement and come strike with us at Parliament Square every Friday between 12 and 13.

14 April: Major New reel news series of films on climate chance and visionary struggles from North America.

Join for a live interactive premiere of Episode 1 on April 14th – Live Chat during the premiere with reel news, plus Ian Hussey and Angele Alook from The Parklands Institute, Alberta.

April 9, 2019: Campaigners head to court to stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia Lawyers for Campaign Against Arms Trade will argue in the court of appeal that UK exports breach international law LINK (GUARDIAN)

April 9, 2019: Campaigners head to court to stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia Lawyers for Campaign Against Arms Trade will argue in the court of appeal that UK exports breach international law)

9th April 2019: TSSA warns Tube ballot is “almost inevitable” TSSA members have rejected a “derisory” pay offer by London Underground bosses, and are set to begin a strike ballot

April 8, 2019: From California to Louisiana: Finding America’s Climate Heroes British video activist Shaun Dey was one of two members of Reel News who went to North America last year to make films about grassroots struggles around climate change, particularly around the ideas of “just transition” and “just recovery”. He reflects on his experience of travelling the region for 14 weeks

8th April 2019: UCU members at three colleges on strike this week UCU members are this week on strike at Coventry College, City of Wolverhampton College and the Warwickshire College Group in a dispute over pay.

7th Arpil 2019: ‘We’re going to win this war’: Anti-fracking campaigners celebrate victory against Ineos and vow to keep shale gas industry out of England .The two men who successfully challenged fracking company Ineos in court this week say “the tide is starting to turn” in the fight to stop the country’s fledgling shale gas industry in its tracks

6 Apr 2019: Dorchester hotel draped in rainbow flag as hundreds protest over Brunei gay stoning law More than a thousand’ people stormed the Dorchester Hotel in London today in protest against anti-LGBT laws in Brunei. Carrying placards and rainbow flags, campaigners banged on the windows of the building as they chanted ‘shame on you’ and ‘gay rights, human rights’

5th April 2019: WAR ON WANT PETITION: CALLING ON PAPUA NEW GUINEA TO TAKE ACTION ON ILLEGAL LAND GRABS Our recent report with our partner in Papua New Guinea Act Now!, “The SABL land grab: Papua New Guinea’s ongoing human rights scandal”, reveals how Special Agricultural Business Leases (SABLs) are still being used by foreign companies to illegally occupy land and grab forest resources from customary land owners, despite many SABLS being declared illegal and widely discredited.

4th April 2019: Pensions – the true story SHARE ACTION REPORT You might not know it but you almost certainly have a pension. Pensions aren’t just about retirement – they build the world around us. They are the tea we drink and the train station we commute into. They also fund climate change.

We’re building a movement to make sure the money we put into our pensions once a month builds the world society needs. Watch the video to find out more, and sign up to keep learning and take action.​ It’s early days for us. Stay tuned as we grow.

4th April 2019: CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: SCHOOL OF TRANSNATIONAL ACTIVISM Debates about populism, the crisis of democracy and the backlash against globalisation are all raging. But very few people seem to be asking two essential groups of questions: in what ways is the nation-state changing and in what ways has it been surpassed? And what are the most effective political forms to find civic agency in this new context? Nation-states are not disappearing as some globalisation theorists may have suggested in other decades, but neither are they the best political forms for our future. Fearing our collective incapacity to solve global challenges, citizens retract to the known container of the nation-state; but this only makes the problem worse. What comes after nationstates and how do we get there? This is the question the School of Transnational Activism is aiming to answer.

4th April 2019: Applications for the next Press Officer School are now open – DEADLINE 9AM MONDAY 20TH MAY NEON – The Press Officer Network is a programme run by the Comms Hub to support press officers working in groups and organisations that campaign, organise, support and communicate about progressive and diverse issues. For many of us working in campaigns we’re in a constant battle to get good media coverage for our organisations. Often we work alone or in small teams – and there’s no training or support out there specifically aimed at helping progressives improve their impact.

3rd April: Interview: the Algerian uprising continues Supporters of the Algerian uprising will be gathering once again this Saturday (6 April) at 1pm, Marble Arch, London. Seth Uzman spoke to one of the volunteers and reports on the protests so far.

02 April 2019: We Spoke to the Legends Who Took Their Landlord to Court and Won Ben Leonard, who recently won a court case against his landlord, told us how he and his housemates fought the system

2nd April 2019: NASUWT members on strike in Belfast NASUWT members at St Patrick’s Primary School in Belfast today begin the first of three days of strike action over working conditions.L

01 April 2019: The Red Gyms of England — a new front for anti-fascism A new movement of socialist fight-sports clubs is smashing misconceptions that the left is a muddle of middle-class milquetoasts

01 April 2019:  Extinction Rebellion activists have just stripped in the House of Commons public gallery to call attention to the ‘elephant in the room’

01 April 2019: Fossil Fools day #lockon at #Misson #fracking site being drilled in North #Nottinghamshire. For our water, our health and the climate: ban fracking!

Photo: Simon Chapman

01 April 2019: 1994-2019 Undercurrents: Celebrating 25 years in (direct) action ‘Undercurrents the alternative news video issue 1’ was released on VHS tape on April 1st 1994. Most notable feature included the country’s first video feature informing about the imminent introduction of the Criminal Justice Bill. A series of new laws which attacked the right to protest, to squat, right to silence and to assemble amongst many others.  The first batch of 250 VHS tapes was sold out in a few weeks and press reviews were very positive.

29 March 2019: Can we transform the world in 12 years? Tamarack Media Cooperative produce 5 minute action film with the BBC

29 March 2019: Partial victory for cleaners at Chanel! Following the threat of a strike Chanel’s brave cleaners won a 10% pay rise! However, they won’t stop until they are paid the London Living Wage of £10.55 per hour, their workloads are decreased, health and safety laws are respected, and they are paid their wages by bank transfer (they are currently paid by cheque!). Stay tuned for strike dates and get ready to picket Chanel!

28 March 2019: Building the #YouthStrike4Climate (an RS21 Report) Hundreds of students of all ages have joined the Cambridge Youth Strike for Climate. Zareen Taj, a local parent and activist, reports on the organising behind the scenes. L

25.3.19:Another Day, Another Matter in Court in Sofia, Bulgaria. In a not uncommon occurence Australian Antifascist Jock Palfreeman once again fronted court in Bulgaria. This time, Svetlomir Neshkov, Vice Chair of the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association is making a case against the 2016 change in prison visitation rules that saw cameras installed in the visiting section as well as the mandatory presence of a guard. Svetlomir Neshkov is leading and arguing the mass case on behalf of Jock and nine other prisoners. A surly and hostile head judge presided while Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association members, the other prisoners and their supporter’s spirits were high, enjoying the solidarity together despite their presence in the apparartus of the State’s repression.The process like all legal processes in Bulgaria is expected to be sporadic and lengthy.

21 March 2019: Refugee Lifeboat: Statement of intent Refugee Lifeboat is an activist group standing with migrants through material solidarity and political interventions. L

21 March 2019: Why I want to legally regulate drugs A short film to raise awareness about the harms of global drug policy and call for legal regulation of drugs created by Health Poverty Action and Campaign film. L

20 March 2019: Student bans and securitisation at KCL Politically active students at KCL have been barred from entering campus without any explanation from management. Here, we re-publish KCL Justice for Cleaners‘ statement. There was also a demonstration earlier today against campus securitisation.

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