Thu 9 July 2020

Byline Times asks for YOUR help in exposing the Dark Practices that undermine the People’s Game

It is known as The Beautiful Game and is followed by billions of fans across the world.

Football is glamourous, skilful, colourful, tribal – and entertaining. It has the ability to inspire passions, unite people across borders and distract us from the day-to-day drudgery of real-world politics and economics.

But as billions have been ploughed into the People’s Game (another of its monikers) over the past two decades, a darker side to the sport has emerged….


While global attention continues to focus on the magic of Messi, the rampaging of Ronaldo and the sorcery of Suarez, under the radar has crept a global threat to football.

While the ‘FIFA files’ revelations of recent years shed much-needed light on some of the alleged dark arts behind the game’s governance, too little attention has been paid to wider corruption and criminality which threatens to undermine the integrity of the world’s most popular sport.

Too often, football is firmly pinned to the back-pages as what remains of Fleet Street often turns a blind eye to the criminal threats which invariably follow this cash-rich industry.

Byline Times intends to change this.

Help the Kick Back Team

Our ‘Kick Back’ campaign aims to draw renewed global attention to the dark practices which threaten to undermine or overwhelm the sport. It provides those who care about football with the opportunity to understand what is really happening inside and around the sport – in order to maintain its integrity.

The Kick Back team will look into corruption inside the sport, money laundering, match-fixing and illegal betting – bringing football’s huge global audience up to speed with the latest attempts to tackle activities which act as a scar on the face of the Beautiful Game.

Please contact the Byline Times team – via – in confidence, with any information you believe will help in this fight – no matter how small. Money laundering, for example, takes place at all levels of football, and small, local clubs are as likely to be victims, or perpetrators, as the game’s professional elite.

Together, we can Kick Back against these threats.


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