Sat 20 July 2019

As Ford threatens to quit the UK and each day brings more catastrophic news – staying silent is no longer an option.

More bad Brexit news comes today courtesy of Ford, whose management in the UK have told Theresa May that they are planning to move production abroad. The company has been a stalwart of British manufacturing since 1909 – but the real threats posed by the UK leaving the EU have forced Ford to review their future.

Seventy years ago we fought fascists – today we are expected to appease them.

The Brexiters are already brushing down their excuses – but most people, Leave or Remain will rightly be dumbfounded at this wholly unnecessary threat to 13,000 British jobs. We should be more than dumbfounded. We should all be enraged at the lies. For in the run up to the EU referendum – Brexit voices lined up to tell us that none of this would happen.

And still the nebulous Maybot doesn’t so much as blink.

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Ford workers may have worked it out by now, but when will the country at large accept that it has been had? Sold an empty box of promises by a bunch of spivs too rich to care and too arrogant to take accountability. As each catastrophe mounts all the Brexiters do is point the finger of blame elsewhere and turn up the fear of what will happen if we don’t leave on March 29th.

So suggest – as did yesterday that there will be a day of reckoning for the leaders of this ill-judged mess and Jacob Rees-Mogg pops up to say that unless Brexit is delivered, Tommy Robinson and his fans will smash the place up. Seventy years ago we fought fascists – today we are expected to appease them.

A Special Place in Hell

Last week the EU Council President Donald Tusk drew confected rage when he said there was ‘a special place in Hell’ for those who had led Britain into the Brexit catastrophe. If only such a perdition place existed.

Less reported in his speech was Tusk’s despair at any effective Remain leadership. While Rome burns most anti-Brexit MPs are keeping their heads down and their fingers crossed.

Anna Soubry, Caroline Lucas and David Lammy – and voices on the SNP and Lib Dem benches may be honourable exceptions but it’s not enough. The opposition to this wholesale defenestration of the UK is all but dead.

While Corbyn seems fully signed up to the Brexit ship of Fools there are many, many Labour politicians who are staying quiet for fear that their majorities might be hit or chances of promotion sullied. It is not good enough.

While Rome burns most anti-Brexit MPs are keeping their heads down and their fingers crossed.

This is no longer an argument about the pros and cons of EU membership. It is no longer about party politics. It is a fight for the very soul, the very future, the very prosperity of Britain.

What is To Be Done?

Staying silent is no longer an option.

So what can you do? Well if you are angry don’t be quiet. Keeping calm and carrying on in the hope that all will be well is no longer an option. It’s time for ordinary people to put labels aside and call this Brexitshambles out for what it is. Voice your fears. Contact your MP, talk about it with colleagues at work, post your concerns on Facebook or twitter or Instagram – and share them in the pub, the church and the mosque.  

17.4 million people might have voted to ‘take back control’ in June 2016 but 65 million of us are currently locked in the boot, heading for the cliffs. It is still not too late to steer us from our inevitable course – or even press a temporary stay of execution on the madness but we are running out of road.

If you don’t speak out – who will?

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