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March Puzzle Solutions

Puzzles by Dr. Diva


9 Popular (IN) + officer (GENERAL) = IN GENERAL (on the whole)

10 Read 1,5, what I would do as a croupier = IDEAL (perfect)

11 Italian leader (DUCE) containing (takes) a little (N)ovocaine = DUNCE (dope)

12 Anagram (surprisingly) of CUTE IN HAT =AUTHENTIC (real)

13 Reversal (over) of spread (MARG) + contributions (AID) = DIAGRAM (graph)

14 Paper (OBSERVEr) minus last letter (short) = OBSERVE (survey)

17 Battle (FIGHT) with extra arm (ie the longer horizontal strokes on F&E) on the 1st letter (leader) changes fight into EIGHT
(number of crew)

19 1st letters (principally) of 1st 3 words reversed (about) = DIM (simple)

20 Reversal (around) of truncated (almost) version of SKIRt with (S)mall inside (internal) = RISKS (hazards)

21 Homophone (said) of stuff (matter/MATA) +  entrance (door/DOR) = MATADOR (arena performer)

22 Anagram (gets upset) of CokE ABUSE minus (not) alright (ok) = BECAUSE (since)

24 Latest info (SP) + anagram (manoeuvring) of ETC + A + French for key (CLE) = SPECTACLE (phenomenon)

26 Double definition of USING

28 Little church (ChapeL) minus internal letters (removing internal components) + organ (EAR) = CLEAR (understandable)

29 Anagram (bothered) of NOT ONE SHE =ON THE NOSE (to win).


1 Triple definition of MIND

2 Mature (AGE) + NDA (non-disclosure agreement, way to maintain silence) = AGENDA (plan)

3 Middle letters (essentially) of prINce + 1st letters (starts to) of (T)elephone (E)very+ ground (GRATED) = INTEGRATED (united)

4 Take away outer letters (when undressed) from n(ORM)a, insert (admits) a word for anything amusing (GAS) = ORGASM

5 Double definition of PLATFORM

6 (F)ellow inserted (in) into lounge (LIE) = LIFE (long sentence)

7 Anagram (change) of AFTER USE = FEATURES (highlights)

13 500 (D), next to (x, meaning by as in 4×4) 500 sheets (REAM) = DREAM (imagine)

15 Anagram (freely) of UTTERS + CURSe minus last letter (never-ending) = STRUCTURES (buildings)

16 Homophone (vocal) of supporter (easel) = EASLE (ashes), 18 Girl (HER) inside detained after school (GATED) = GATHERED

19 Homophone (overheard) of “die, rector” (exhortation for clergyman to pass) = DIRECTOR (controller)

22 Reversal (turning) of about (RE) with vessel (BATH) surrounding (around) = BREATH (whisper)

23 An only child might be referred to as a UNI-SON = UNISON (agreement)

25 Homophone (sounding) of tense (TAUT) = TORT (action that may result in compensation)

27 Leave (GO) followed by (on)  w(ES)t minus/spending (t)ime and without (W)ife = GOES (turns).