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Across: 1 Caption in film (SUBTitLE) minus it (having it away) =SUBTLE (toned down), 4 Source of oil (tea tree) in Spooner’s mouth becomes TREA-TY, 8 Absolutely clear (PATENT) contains (over) yours truly (I) = PATIENT (tolerant), 9 Whimsical interpretation of OUTCOME as to ejaculate more profusely than others! (Sorry), 11 Anagram (being abandoned) of MEANT TESTS = STATEMENTS (things said), 12 Reversal (about) of digital assistant’s (SIRI) = IRIS (one in the eye), 13 1st letter (introduction to) (C)omical + Shakespearean figure (LEAR) = CLEAR (positive), 14 Dad (PA) + (R)ecipe + chops (SNIPS) = PARSNIPS (veg), 16 Anagram (misrepresented) of SHERATON = NORTH SEA (what divides Britain and much of Europe), 18 Arsenal supporter (GOoNER) minus an ‘o’ (when losing 1-0) = GONER (Someone with little hope of recovery), 20 Siesta (KIP) follows (on) (S)abbath = SKIP, 21 CD of ALKALINITY, 23 Roughly (C, circa) as old as us (OUR AGE) = COURAGE (spirit), 24 Anagram (to make) of TELL SON = STOLLEN (bread), 25 Anagram (being replaced) of IN DYKE = KIDNEY (filter), 26 Policeman (DS) + raised (UP) with promotion (AD) at the beginning (outset) = ADDS UP (reckons). 

Down: 1 Examination of data (SCAN) + surface tension (T) = SCANT (hardly any), 2 Anagram (popping) of BLISTER = BRISTLE (get annoyed), 3 Deliver (LAND) + chips ( MARKS) = LANDMARKS (tourist attractions), 5 (R)un + OUT from the clue + (S)econd = ROUTS (overthrows), 6 Homophone (some might say – almost, as its a tad dodgy!) of Tolkein’s goblins (orcs) + avoid (shun) = AUCTION (where lots get hammered), 7 Two thousand (MK) and one (I) + (P)arish (P)riest inserted (stops) into YOUR (from the clue) = YOM KIPPUR (opportunity to seek forgiveness), 10 Ruin (SACK) surrounded by reversal (up) of slap (SPANK) = KNAPSACK (these bags), 13 See (CLOCK) + what’s been done (WORK) = CLOCKWORK (this mechanism), 15 Anagram (actively) of DEALT + URGE = REGULATED (controlled), 17 Answer hidden  (somewhat) in words 1-2 = TAPERED (reduced), 19 Good point (PLUS) preceded by (for starters) no in French (NON) = NONPLUS (puzzle), 21 DBE (perhaps) of Lee (ANG) + reversal (twisted) of Spanish article (EL) = ANGLE (viewpoint), 22 1st letter (initially) of (W)ants place inside (employed in) popular name of sandwich shop (PRET) reversed (after setback) = TWERP (charlie).