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Across: 1 Double definition of OUTDOOR (splitting 3,4 for ‘out door’ = exit), 5 Dad (PA) + pound  (PEN) with grand (K) inserted (invested in) = PACKAGE (bundle), 9 First lady (EVE) contains (takes)  notice (AD) = EVADE (duck), 10 IN SHORT I +A anagrammed (new) = HISTORIAN (person analysing  accounts), 11 Depressing (SAD) cycling (letter order rotates) = ADS (posters), 12 Old (EX) + key (ALT,  on a computer) = EXALT (delight), 13 Double definition of BASIC (a computer language), 14 1st letter  (start to) (E)ngrave + very thin (BONY) = EBONY (wood), 16 Homophone (announced) of type of maths  (some/SUM) + schedule (TIMES) = SOMETIMES (every so often), 19 Slightly whimsical double  definition of NOT GUILTY, 20 Whimsical interpretation of HE-ART (like he-man, ie macho paintings) =  HEART (character), 22 1st letters (originally) of words 2-6 = DEBTS (what needs paying back, 24  Answer is hidden (found in) and reversed (taken aback) in abYSS OBviously = BOSSY (authoritarian),  26 Homophone (broadcast) of our (in a Geordie accent/Novocastrian) = WAR (conflict), 27 Anagram  (awkwardly) of HOLDs MY PEN with bob (S, old shilling) removed (after dismissing) = LYMPH NODE  (cell manufacturer), 29 Homophone (caught) of fish (RAYS) = RAISE (lift), 30 Accused (SUS) + copper  (D, penny) surrounding (outside) cage (PEN) = SUSPEND (hang), 31 Longing (LUST) contains (to keep)  woman (SHE) = LUSHEST (as drunk as possible).  

Down: 1 Finished (OVER) + A + little (WEe) minus the last letter (short) = OVERAWE (alarm), Whimsical interpretation of a PORT (where people come and go) and those who want alternative sex  (TRANS) = TRANSPORT (entrance), 3 Answer is hidden (some of) and reversed (right about) in thESE  BOys = OBESE (very overweight), 4 Picks up (HEARS) inserted (during) into Spanish club (REAL) =  REHEARSAL (practice session), 5 Blog, an example (for instance) of a POST, containing (about)  newspaper (I) = POSIT (submit), 6 Latest info (SP) removed from (lacks) sCOOp = COO (blimey), Like (AS) containing (covering up) police (CID) = ACIDS (things that leave a sour taste, 8 Block (EU) +  students (NUS) containing (restricting) the outer letters (housing) of (C)ornis(H) = EUNUCHS  (ineffective people), 13 Information (BIT, as in a piece of computer data) + (CH)urch = BITCH  (complaint), 15 Unknown (Y) + what belongs to us (OURS) = YOURS (to you, a call in sport to indicate who should take possession), 17 Slightly whimsical double definition of MAY AS WELL, 18 Anagram  (tipsy) of E-MAIL WHEN = MEANWHILE (during the interval), 21 No (O) + rights (RR) temporary  accommodation (TENT) = TORRENT (outburst), 23 Bad (BUM) + outside letters (case) of (P)aralysi(S)  = BUMPS (strikes), 24 Double definition of BLOOD, 25 Last letter (finish off) arm(Y) + not far from in  French (PRES) = YPRES (battlefield), 28 Governor (HE, as in His Excellency) contains (gets to grips  with) gas (O, oxygen) = HOE (tool).