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Across: 1 Maiden (OPENING) + middle letters (essentially) of co(UP)le = OPENING UP (discussing
feelings), 6 German article (DER) follows (as a sequel to) French for one (UN) = UNDER (included in),
10 Homophone (broadcast) of money (lolly/LOLLI) + reports (POPS) = LOLLIPOPS (Wall St suckers,
suckers being the American name lollipop), 11 Anagram (worked) of ASTROTURF + 1st letter
(originally) of (M)atting = TROUT FARMS (businesses involved in fish production), 12 Double
definition of MERE, 14 Split 2,1,4 it describes where birds can be found = INANEST (most dumb), 15
Price (COST) contains (includes) department (ENT) moving front letter to back (cycling) = CONTEST
(argue), 17 Anagram (is circulating) of I SEE TIM = ITEMISE (list), 20 Also not (NOR) + me (I)
reversed (back)= IRON (one of several clubs), 22 Charge (STATIC) containing (over) at the beginning
(IST) + 1st letter (principal) of (S)ales = STATISTICS (data), 25 Wins (LANDS) point (CAPE) =
LANDSCAPE (scene), 26 No (O) + change (VARY) = OVARY (egg producer), 27 Double definition of
YIELD, 28 Anagram (redrafted) of SALES TEST = TASTELESS (boring).

Down: 1 Working (ON) + songs for concert (SET) = ONSET (start), 2 Work (LABOR, with American
spelling) inserted (during) into lunch (EAT) + (E)uropean = ELABORATE (complicated), 3 Anagram
(supply) of INTERIM SEX = IN EXTREMIS (in the most difficult circumstances), 4 Silver (AG)
reversed (returning) + worker (ANT), split and filled with LL (50/50) = GALLANT (brave), 5 Anagram
(alternative) of COMPILE = POLEMIC (argument), 6 Alternate letters (occasionally) of tUrNs InTo =
UNIT (one), 7 Perish (DIE) containing (taking) too many drugs (OD) = DIODE (part of circuit), 8
Reversal (retro) of prevent (DETER) with design features (SPEC) inserted (internal) = RESPECTED
(admired), 13 Anagram (development of ) of (D)epartment’s (N)ew RESOURCE = UNDERSCORE
(emphasise), 14 Capital (INITIAL) + outside letters (empty) of (L)argel(Y) = INITIALLY (in the early
stages), 16 Time (ERA) + utter (DICtATE) minus the middle letter (lack of focus) = ERADICATE
(waste), 18 Old (EX)+ pamphlet (TRACT) = EXTRACT (pull out), 19 Apprentice (L) replaces (takes
over) the first letter (outbreak) of anxiety (jITTERS) = LITTERS (makes a mess), 21 Bound (pOUNCE)
minus 1st letter (tucking away entrée) = OUNCE (weight), 23 Sure (YES) preceded by (to start) way (ST)
= STYES (infections), 24 Reversal (about) of the answer contained in (stuffing) hiDE SUspicion = USED