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Across: 7 Cockney woman (ER) + turn (GO) = ERGO (then), 8 Anagram (craftily) of SEGREGATES =
EASTER EGGS (hidden parts of games ), 10 Motorway (MI) + being repaired (UP) around Stoke (ST,
postcode for Stoke) = MIST UP (cloud over), 11 Couples (TIES) going round fitting (HINGe) minus last
letter (endlessly) = THINGIES (whatchamacallits), 12 Double definition of STUNNERS, 14 Lives (IS) +
reversal (being backward) of someone responsible for writing nonsense (LEAR, ref Edward Lear, 19th
Cent humorist & painter, author of 1846 The Book of Nonsense) = ISRAEL (country) , 16 Rustic
(PEASant) minus (goes out) worker (ant) = PEAS (veg), 17 (R)ector inserted into (during) advent
(DAWN) = DRAWN (tired-looking), 18 Pops (NIPS) reversed (back) = SPIN (swim), 19 Focus of
mi(IS)s + Barker’s (SUE’S) = ISSUES (concerns), 21 Double definition of SET ABOUT (with TES being
the work SET reversed/about), 23 Advertise (PLUG) + opening (HOLE) = PLUGHOLE (one in Bath), 26
1st letter (character facing) of canon (cREED) becomes (transitions into) A + (G)irl = AGREED (OK) ,
27 Biting (POINTED) + in the shoos (OUT) = POINTED OUT (drew attention to), 28 Homophone (on
record player) of track (sCENT) = CENT (when in Berlin change).

Down: 1 1st letters (traces of) words 3-6 (TREE) found in crops (FRUITS) = FRUIT TREES (apples for
instance, DBE), 2 Keeps (FORTS) containing (locking up) feminine version of a in French (UNE, a
Parisienne) = FORTUNES (lots of money), 3 Homophone (said) of go (pee/PEO) + attract (pull/PLE) =
PEOPLE (staff), 4 1st letters (at the outset) of (R)user’s (E)xciting + dream (VISION) = REVISION
(change), 5 (R)un follows (to support) border (verge) = VERGER (official), 6 Search online (goOGLE)
minus (with no) attempt (go) = OGLE (to really look), 9 (S)ucceeded replacing final letter (at last) of
implan(T) in 1st letter (upper part of) boob (tIT) = SIT (model), 13 Vehicle (CAR) contained (aboard)
boat (SS) = SCARS (damages), 15 Anagram (about) of PA INSECURE = EPICUREANS (people who
like food), 17 Record (DISC) + no longer playing (OVER) = DISCOVER (notice), 18 Membership fee
(SUB) + leaflet (TRACT) = SUBTRACT (deduct), 20 Old city (UR) + chap (GENT) = URGENT
(desperate), 22 Where you might take a pig (TO A STY) = TOASTY (nice and warm), 24 Reversal
(knocked over) of idiot (TOOL) = LOOT (rifle), 25 Without (apart from) the outside letters, d(ECO)r =
ECO (green).