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Puzzles by Dr. Diva

Across: 7 DD of AFTER, 8 Help (AVAIL) + expert (ABLE) = AVAILABLE (ready), 10 Brute (THUG)  contains (guards) 1st letter (initially) of (O)ccupying + outside letters (empty) of (H)u(T) = THOUGHT  (held that), 11 (F)emale + anagram (muddled) of leader = FEDERAL (way of governing), 12 Cryptic  interpretation of organ in charge = ORGANIC (natural), 13 Remove (out) 1st letter (start to) of (f)reak  from f(ANS) and place after (following) (S)econd + record (LOG) = SLOGANS (catchy words), 14 Insert  (hosting … in) 1st letter (a little) from (F)rench + friend from Paris (AMI) in splendidly (ROYALLY) =  ROYAL FAMILY (dysfunctional group, and I stand 100% behind that definition!!!), 19 (G)ood + stuff  (RAM) forwards and backwards (either way) = GRAMMAR (direction of speech or writing), 21  Homophone (we hear) of created this challenge (clued/CLUDE) followingn (tracking) former partner  (EX) = EXCLUDE (boycott), 23 Reversal (turns) of Spanish gent (DON) + sound of bell (DING) =  

NODDING (dropping off), 25 In Tyneside (NE) + risk (WAGER) = NEW AGER (alternative liver), 26  Slightly whimsical interpretation with room + chocolate bar of AEROSPACE (it might me out of this  world), 27 Women in order (NUNS) contain (hide) n(O)thing = NOUNS (names).  Down: 1 Anagram (unexpectedly) of GETS ON + RR (right rev) = STRONGER (fitter), 2 Dividing  (taking…apart) old bat (DRAGON) = DRAG ON (continue for ages), 3 Railway (funICULAR) with  responsibility (PART) replacing (for) enjoyment (fun) = PARTICULAR (peculiar), 4 Answer is hidden  (section of) loCAL Force = CALF (muscle), 5 Happy (GLAD) + anagram (crude) of OIL + (I)sland =  GLADIOLI (more than one plant), 6 1st letters (primarily) of words 4-7 containing (inc) former Queen  (ER) = IBERIA (former name, in the past, of Georgia) , 7 Dithering (vACillaTION) minus (wanting) villa  = ACTION (lawsuit), 9 (E)nglish + group of minor celebs (z-LIST) with 1st letter (lead character) turning  (goes round) to change from z to N = ENLIST (sign up), 13 (S)mall + animal (HARE) + guide (INDEX)  = SHARE INDEX (market value), 15 Anagram (amazingly) of ITS MY EMU = YUMMIEST (the most  delicious), 16 Double definition (eg Billy the Kid) + someone showing great promise = YOUNG GUN,  17 (A)dult + homophone (we’re told) of sex (gender/GENDA) = AGENDA (that’s what’s planned), 18  Anagram (treating) of BRIDES = DEBRIS (rubbish), 20 Apprentice (L) deleted removed) from  (lADDERS) = ADDERS (mathematicians) , 22 Commanding Officer (CO) + WING (section of RAF) =  COWING (intimidating), 24 Try (GO) + A + 1st letter (touch of) of (D)opamine = GOAD (stimulant).