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1 Dancer’s posture (PLIE) + outside letter (borders) of (R)eckles(S) = PLIERS (device for holding),

4 CASH (of which notes are an example) containing degree (BA) = CASBAH (keep),

8 Group (SECT) surrounds (represses) distinctive characteristic (USP) = SUSPECT (accused),

9 A fron the clue + (L)atin + graduate (MA) + reversal (return) of CAN (is able to) = ALMANAC (book),

11 Anagram (converting) POETS ATTIC – PETTICOATS (slips),

12 Anagram (wreck) of TrAIN missing (away) (R)uns = ANTI (protestor),

13 Answer is hidden (some) in misSUS HId = SUSHI (food),

14 Anagram (collapses) of ONCE ARCH = ENCROACH (invade),

16 (R)ecipe inside spanish region (ARAGON) = 1st letter (pinch of) (T)hyme at the front (in the West) = TARRAGON (cooks use this),

18 I in Germany (ICH) inside modern (NEw) minus the last letter (almost) = NICHE (place),

20 Answer is part of (mostly) TEATime = TEAT (used to drink milk),

21 Anagram (terribly) of HARD OPTION = ANTHROPOID (being as we are),

23 Current (I) inserted (disruption by) into people who manage (COPERS) = COPIERS (plagiarists),

24 Helping (rATION) with R (king) displaced by reversal (revolution) of the (LE) in French = ELATION (thrill),

25 Homophone (outspoken) how a Yorkshireman might refer to suffering (the aching/ T’ AKING) = TAKING (profit),

26 1st letter (initially) of weathermen divided (V)  when reversing (raising) a type (for instance) of alert level (YELLOw) = VOLLEY (storm) . 


1 Homophone (say) of paws (strokes) = PAUSE (take five) ,

2 I being President (IM POTUS) with 1st letter (originally) of organised replacing (leaving for) (E)ngland = IMPETUS (energy),

3 Moving thing around (in a cryptic clue – CYCLING) preceded (at first) by concerning (RE) = RECYCLING (recovering),

5 A fron the clue + reversal (heading north) of season (SALT) = ATLAS (chart),

6 Deal with (DO) at the end (closing) after an example (?) of costa (BRAVA) = BRAVADO (boasting),

7 Anagram (upset) of CHEAT attached to (by) judge (HEAR) = HEARTACHE (bitterness),

10 Couple (MATE) + 1st letters (starts to) words 4-8 = MATERNITY (relating to motherhood),

13 Stalk (SCAPE) + best ever (GOAT/greatest of all time) = SCAPEGOAT (victim),

15 Extended version of CRTL (CONTROL) + ALT, then DEL(ete) 1sy (L)eft from the start and move 2nd O (O2) to the bottom (deep down) = CONTRALTO (singer),

17 Last 3 letters (final trilogy)  of philosopher (thinKER) reversed (about) with meagre (THIN) inserted (content is) = RETHINK (change one’s mind),

19 Phrase for finish off (cap it all) minus the last letter (nearly) = CAPITAL (something very serious),

21 Answer is hidden (give little) and reversed (back) in miNOR PArliamentarians = APRON (overall),

22 Club (iron ) + last letter (closer) of bankruptc(Y) = IRONY (ridicule).