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December Puzzle Solutions

By Dr. Diva


1 Stops (ENDS) containing (accepting) prisoners of war (pOWs) minus outer letters (with no external) = ENDOWS (funds)

4 Put last letter (finally) of ofF before (heading) set (RIGID) = FRIGID (arctic)

8 A lot (HEAP) inside (in) reversal (volte face) of exhibition centre (NEC) = CHEAPEN (reduce the value)

9 Drunkard (SOT) contains (hugs) superhero’s girlfriend (LOIS) = SOLOIST (lone actor)

11 Have (POSSESS) containing (all-encompassing) reversal (tip) of for every (PER) = PREPOSSESS (prejudice)

12 Double definition of MEWS

13 50% of dance (CAN-can) + party = CAN-DO {very positive)

14 Present (HERE) + god (DeITY) minus (undisclosed) (E)gyptian) = HEREDITY (genetics)

16 Homophone (on the radio) of padded room (soft cell) = SOFT SELL (subtle way to promote)

18 Vehicle (CAR) preceded by (begins) 6 (VI) = VICAR (rev)

20 Last letter (backside of) gorgeou(S) followed by (in the end) identify (TAG) = STAG (single man)

21 Main (WATER) + register (TABLE) = WATER TABLE (where there’s no pressure)

23 1st letters (initially) of words 4-6 (SID) reversed (right about) + care (TEND) = DISTEND (bulge)

24 Last letter (at last) of joh(N) inside (enters) wearing outfit (KITTED) = KNITTED (made of wool perhaps)

25 German article (DER) preceded by (launch of) + GENDER (way of identifying)

26 Anagram (careers) of SECURE = RESCUE (salvage). 


1 Moving last letter to first (cycling) of THERE = ETHER (it’s mind-numbing stuff)

2 Uninteresting (DEAD) + Greek deity (PAN) = DEADPAN (gives nothing away)

3 Homophone (called for) wimps/wets + work out/tone = WHETSTONE (what’s needed to sharpen up)

5 Double definition of ROOTS

6 Newly-wed (GROOM) + journalist (ED) = GROOMED (trained)

7 Anagram (abandoned) of HEARD WITS = DISHWATER (something tasteless)

10 Anagram (bombs) of I YELL THAT = LETHALITY (have the capacity to cause death)

13 Abridged (sHORT) minus 1st letter (don’t start) surrounded by (without) film (CLING) = CHORTLING (laughing)

15 Respect (REVERE) + alternate (oddly) letters of NiChE = REVERENCE (honour)

17 Double definition of TIGHTEN

19 Anagram (struggles) of COACH + IT = CHAOTIC (disorganised)

21 Success (WIN) + outside letters (peel) of Cooking applE = WINCE (start)

22 Answer is hidden (to some extent) in controversiaL IE GEorge = LIEGE (sovereign).