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1 Just before Easter points to MAUNDY THURSDAY, day of the Last Supper (final date for dinner),

8 Technology (IT) inserted into (crashes) warts and all (AS IS) = AS IT IS (in the present circumstances),

12 Anagram (change) of I’LL + current (AC) = LILAC (colour),

13 Drunk (alcoholic) is taken away from tipsily (drunkENLY) and surrounds (holding) flag (TIRE) = ENTIRELY (all the way),

14 Water from the Seine (EAU) follows (after) a reversal (putting…on back) of label (TAG) = GATEAU (something baked),

16 Choose (CAST) + one (A) + method (WAY) = CAST AWAY (being stranded),

17 Small (S) + what could be a name for a retailer of children’s beds (COTLAND) + three feet (YARD) = SCOTLAND YARD (HQ),

18 Insert (central) number (ONE) into Dr Diva’s (MY) = MONEY (cash prize),

19 Assaults (NUTS) + then (AND) + scarpers (BOLTS) = NUTS NAD BOLTS (basic details),

25 Anagram (failing) of USE IT = ETUIS (more than one case),

26 Rap (TAP) + rock (DANCE) = TAP DANCE (fast foot movement),

27 1st letter (foremost) of Scotland + coach (CAR) = SCAR (cliff),

30 Follow (DOG) + piece (BIT) surrounding (about) being (IS) + copper (CU)  = DOG BISCUIT (treat),

31 Disagreement (RIFT) + opposing (V) + footpath (ALLEY) = RIFT VALLEY (geographical fault),

33 Batting (IN) inside (in) the area where Chester-le-Street is to be found (NE) = NINE (6 overturned – ie upside down),

34 Georgia (GA) + car (RR) + reversal (back) of TO + Lawrence (TE) = GARROTTE (throttle),

35 Remove (get rid of) additional information (PS) that surrounds (about) pARSONs = ARSON (attack),

38 Anagram (unusually) of FAVELA MOB SET = MOVABLE FEAST (flexible schedule),

39 Starting price (SP) containing (install) toilet (LOO) = SLOOP (boat),

42 The answer, CLEAR-SIGHTED (well judged), can be read as an instruction to remove all but the blind,

45 If a 2nd independence referendum takes Scotland out of the UK, it would be SCOT-FREE (unharmed),

47 Popular (IN) + action (DEED) = INDEED (undeniably),

48 Anagram (building) of SIMON IN A = INSOMNIA (failure to drop off),

49 Remove 1st letter (lead) from metal (sODIUM) = ODIUM (hate),

50 Homophone (by the sound of it) of you’re a stinker (you reeker) = EUREKA (got it),

51 Anagram (casually) of KNIGHT A FEW GUYS = GUY FAWKES NIGHT (celebration).


1 Anagram (stirred up) of electronic (E) + CLAIM = MALICE (hostility),

2 Peacekeeper (UN) + diminished (LESS) = UNLESS (except if),

3 Homonym (told) of order (DICTATe) + alternative (OR) + transport (SHIP) = DICTATORSHIP (form of government),

4 Anagram (put… to rights) of PATHETIC RUSE = THERAPEUTICS (treatments),

5 The words coUNT On reveal (demonstrating) UNTO (the way to go),

6 Way (ST) + countryside (RURAL) surrounding (constrains) 1st letters (from the outset) of Unwanted City Traffic = STRUCTURAL (organisational),

7 More than enough (A LOT) surrounds (cover) apprentice (L) = ALLOT (give),

9 Stalls (STANDS) + next to (BY) = STANDS BY (supports),

10 THE from the clue + short (briefest) version of thank you (TA) = THETA (letter),

11 Killing (DESTROYING) preceded by (above all) living creature (SOUL) = SOUL-DESTROYING (unbearable),

15 Function of (F) + gold (AU) + irrelevant (NA) = FAUNA (animals),

20 Jesus (ChRIST) minus 1st letter (head) of his inside (locked in) imagine (SAY) = SACRISTY,

21 Novice (L) replaces (takes over from) Viscount (v) in singing exercise (vocalise) = LOCALISE (identify where),

22 Someone who is really good at something can be described as a MACHINE and sales is VENDING = VENDING MACHINE,

23 Reversal (rising) of contest for females (RUT) + inheritance (GENE) + against (V) = TURGENEV (writer),

24 Nanny (SPOIL) + condition (AGE) = SPOILAGE (waste),

28 Anagram (potentially) of HE SELECTS APE = STEEPLECHASE (track event),

29 Play on urbane (MAN-ABOUT-TOWN) and urban,

32 Donkey (ASS) surrounded by (outside) reared (BRED) + smelly (OFF) = BRASSED OFF (fed up),

36 Anagram (off) of BUgGER minus one of the middle letters (half-heartedly) + cry of horror (EEK) = UBERGEEK (talented nerd),

37 Start with 1st letter (capital) of Finland + anagram (disrupted) of TIDE = FETID (high),

40 Time (T) + call (RING) surrounding (about) 4th letter of July (Y) = TRYING (demanding),

41 Reversal (upheld) of agent (REP) + Cambridge Uni (MIT, in Cambridge Massachusetts) = PERMIT (grant),

43 Delete (dismissal) 1st half of footballer (midfiELDER) for ELDER (senior),

44 Start with (moving…to front) back (HIND) + middle letter (essentially) of jesUits = HINDU (devotee),

46 Take 1st letters (origins) of each subsequent word = KNEW (was familiar with).