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10 Middle letters (naked, ie no clothing) of wHO MOw + anagram of PANSIES = HOMO SAPIENS (people),

11 Learn (MASTER) + vital  (KEY) = MASTER KEY (way of opening up for everyone),

13 Horse (GG) inserted into (parting) a reversal of (tip) expensive (DEAR) ,

14 Court (DATE) either side of (embraces) being (IS) + standard (PAR) = DISPARATE (different),

16 Name of orchestra (HALLE) + introductory letters of Largely Upbeat Jazzy Albert Hall = HALLELUJAH (chorus),

19 To make “orangeries” “no greasier” you have to REORGANISE the letters (itself an anagram of orangeries/no greasier!),

20 Start with (first) kill (WASTE) + former terrorist (BIN laden) minus the burden (ie not laden) = WASTE BIN (refuse collector),

21 Left or right suggest HANDED, & being on your own is SINGLE-HANDED,

23 Anagram (forged) of I + NAOMI + LANCELOT  = CALAMINE LOTION (application),

25 First letters (starts to) of Wonder If Chemistry Kits = WICK (taper),

27 Second-rate (B) + archive (LOG) = BLOG (post, online tyoe),

28 Formal (PROPER) + incomplete (FRACTION) = PROPER FRACTION (more down below than up top),

31 Attack (PAN) + Switzerland (CH) + idealist (ROMAnTIC) minus (deposing) 1st letter (leader) of new (N) = PANCHROMATIC (type of film) ,

33 Young female (CHICK) + anagram (troubled) of APE = CHICKPEA (pulse),

34 At the first sign of Conflict (C), reversal of courier (MULE) with fight against (REBEL) in the middle (full of) = CEREBELLUM (coordinator of movement),

36 Homophone (apparently asking whether) of to do nothing (REST) or complain vehemently (RANT) = RESTAURANT (diner),

37 across & 2 down Message (PING) + sPONGe minus (banning) outside letters = PING-PONG (sport),

38 Spice up (PEP) + beer (PERONI) = PEPPERONI (topping),

40 Word meaning drive (THRUST) can be read as THRU + ST (ie not a cul-de-sac), 42 Homophone (addressing) of volume (size/SISE) and drink (FANTA) = FANTASISE (dream), 43 Anagram (disrupting) of AIRPORT LANE = PROLETARIAN (related to unskilled workers).


Down: 1 Spit (gob) + pineapples (ANANAS) = GO BANANAS (get excited),

3 A from the clue + supporter (BRA) follow (after) able (CAN) + computer key to remove stuff (DEL) = CANDELABRA (holder),

4 Anagram (roaming) of REJOIN ROADIE = RIO DE JANEIRO (city),

5 Working (ON) + you and me (US) = ONUS (responsibility),

6 A + young man (LAD) surrounded by (covered in filth (SOIL) = SALAD OIL (dressing),

7 Quick German way (STR, abb of Strasse) + ENGineer + in those days (THEN) = STRENGTHEN (buttress),

8 The answer is found in (saved from) chURCH INdifference = URCHIN (poor child),

9 Sibling (SISTER) with last letter in front (ending up ahead) in the middle of (split) small change (PENCE) = PERSISTENCE (resolve),

12 Guarantee (WARRANT) + rude (OFF) + cake decorator (ICER) = WARRANT OFFICER (rank),

17 Anagram (fashion) of TEACH GIRL = LETHARGIC (not bothered),

18 Disreputable type (sHYSTER) minus the 1st letter (doesn’t start) + removals (ECTOMIES) = HYSTERECTOMIES (operations)  ,

22 Latest (NEW) + full delivery (YORKER, in cricket) = NEW YORKER (American),

24 Middle letters (gives up) of kINg + the right to see children (access) + anagram (treatment) of BILE = INACCESSIBLE (hard to understand),

26 No one but (ALL) + US (AMERICAN) = ALL-AMERICAN (no one but US),

28 Central letters (revealing) of canCEL POSter surrounded by (over) scap (PART) = PARCEL POST (delivery service),

29 Vision (TRIP) + guile (ART) + aconITE without a downside (a con) = TRIPARTITE (threefold),

30 WEDNESDAY is the time children are reputed to be woeful,

32 Anagram (reinstated) of POLEMIST = MILEPOST (sign indicating the end, ie of a race),

35 Homophone (claimed to) of ate E = EIGHTY (quite a lot),

39 Decent (OK) + artist (RA) create OKRA (greens),

41 Triple definition of exquisite, red and not commonly seen, all meaning RARE.