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    1  A writer, you move into first to second place. I, Roger, am upset and take in a pub. (14)
You (U) enter (move into … place) first (A) + TO from the clue + second (B) for AUTO. Add I from the clue, then anagram (upset) of ROGER going round (take in) a pub (A PH) = AUTOBIOGRAPHER (writer)

    8  Am glad to rip up what blokes read (3,3)
Anagram (rip up) of AM GLAD = LAD MAG (what blokes read)

  12  Trump BBQ? (5)
BBQ is an outdoor (OUT) party (DO) = OUTDO (trump)

  13  Gets up to confess a lack of trickery, welcoming short animation (8)
Short animation (TOON) goes into (welcoming) what remains of conFESS when trickery (con) is removed (lacking) = FESTOONS (gets up)

  14  Turn back and pause, Nick (6)
Reverse (back) turn (FLIP) + pause (ER) = PILFER (nick),

  16  Spans study with this Italian, missing a follower initially (8)
Study (READ) + THiS from the clue (I for Italian missing) + a follower (B, follows a) to start (initially) = BREADTHS (spans)

  17  Various countries, Heather concludes, use European currency in the morning (5,7)
Heather (ERICA) at the end with European currency (LAT from Latvia) + IN from the clue + the morning (AM) = LATIN AMERICA (various countries) Heather (ERICA) at the end with European currency (LAT from Latvia) + IN from the clue + the morning (AM) = LATIN AMERICA (various countries)

  18  Small hooter is cut short (5)
Small (S) + hooter (HORN) = SHORN (cut short)

  19  They reduce wind via miscreant jockeys (12)
Anagram (jockeys) of VIA MISCREANT = CARMINATIVES (drugs that reduce wind)

  25  Broadcasting from a hovercraft? (2,3)
Wordplay of broadcasting (ie ON AIR) and how a hovercraft works)

  26  Stick to increase in covering (8)
Stick to (CLING) with increase (ADD) inside (in) = CLADDING (covering),

  27  Neat arrangement for a bet (4)
Anagram (arrangement) of NEAT = ANTE (bet)

  30  Exclusion of outlaw after warbling (7,3)
Outlaw (BAN) follows (after) warbling (TWITTER) = TWITTER BAN (exclusion)

  31  Loose talk about vacant address? It is your right (4,6)
Double meaning of loose/vacant (FREE) + talk/address (SPEECH) = FREE SPEECH (your right)

  33  Dehydrated, withdraw from molecular identification (4)
Answer is found in (withdrawn from) moleculAR IDentification = ARID (dehydrated)

  34  Abstaining before yours truly promotes Free French texts (8)
Abstaining (TT, teetotal) before yours truly (I) preceded by (promotes) free in French (LIBRE) = LIBRETTI (texts),

  35  Legendary wood-dweller 12 months after having taken test (5)
12 months (YR) follows (after) having taken test (SAT) = SATYR (wood-dweller of legend),

  38  Tuesday’s competition heats up mineral deposit (5,7)
Tuesday’s (T) + competition (RACE) +  heats up (ELEMENT) = TRACE ELEMENT (mineral deposit)

  39  Top regalia turns it into stellar display (5)
Reverse (turns) IT + stellar display (ARA, the constellation) = TIARA (top regalia)

  42  Transport fence to start administration (12)
Transport (SHIP) + fence (RECEIVER) at the beginning (to start) = RECEIVERSHIP (administration)

  45  Cynics’ back muscles have spasms (8)
Muscles (PECS) are reversed (back) + spasms (TICS) = SCEPTICS (cynics)

  47  Remove rear protrusion from unit (6)
Remove … from (DE- as suffix) + rear protrusion (TAIL) = DETAIL (unit, ie military)

  48  Penny takes back father with tiny bit of contempt (8)
Penny (D) + father (SIRE) reversed (back) + tiny bit (ION) = DERISION

  49  Very little tails off after I had dope (5)
Very little (IOTa) minus last letter (tails off) follows (after) I had (ID) = IDIOT (dope)

  50  Fork out for former writer’s degree (6)
Former (EX) + writer (PEN) + degree (D) = EXPEND (fork out)

  51  Unconventional support for extras (6,8)
Unconventional (FRINGE) + support (BENEFITS) = FRINGE BENEFITS (extras)


    1  Basic life provided by a graduate, embracing me, filled with love (6)
ME with love (O) inside (filled with), all of this inside (embracing) a graduate (A BA) = AMOEBA (basic life)

    2  Week’s ban from social media is a laugh (6)
Social media (TwITTER) minus w (Week’s ban) = TITTER (a laugh)

    3  Initiate parched vampire? How brutal! (12)
Initiate (BLOOD) parched vampire (THIRSTY) = BLOODTHIRSTY (brutal)

    4  Unofficially the origin of music? (3,3,6)
Wordplay of origin of music and unofficially = OFF THE RECORD

    5  Adjourn for upstanding knight on boat (4)
Knight (SIR) reversed (upstanding) + a boat (E-boat) = RISE (adjourn)

    6  Fake news, say, about keeping goose upright? (10)
Soundalike (say) of prop up a goose (gander) = PROPAGANDA (fake news),

    7  Pull out when nuisance becomes tedium (5)
Extract letters (pull out) from whEN NUIsance = ENNUI (tedium),

    9  Estate in upheaval shows spirit (8)
Anagram (upheaval) of ESTATE IN for ANISETTE (spirit),

  10  Civvies worn by Muslim lawyer? (5)
Double meaning of civvies & Muslim Lawyer = MUFTI

  11  Ultimately direct bug to a new dog (6,8)
Finish with (ultimately) direct (SHEPHERD) after bug (GERM) + A + new (N) = GERMAN SHEPHERD (dog)

  15  Clever childminder loses direction but gets about (5)
Childminder (nANNY) replaces (loses…but gets) direction (N) with C (about, ie circa) = CANNY (clever)

  20  Very few young start with key computer equipment (8)
Young (Y) preceded by (starting with) key (MINOR) + computer equipment (IT) = MINORITY (very few)

  21  Offer to give Tate makeover causes ruction (8)
Offer (VEND) + anagram of TATE (give…makeover) = VENDETTA (ruction),

  22  Undertake to go over game (8,6)
Undertake (CONTRACT) + to go over (BRIDGE) = CONTRACT BRIDGE (game),

  23  CIA bails out a hall (8)
Anagram of (out) CIA BAILS = BASILICA (hall),

  24  Model soldier starts excavation with Frenchman (8)
Soldier (PARA) + excavation (DIG) + Frenchman (M) = PARADIGM (model),

  28  Story of scenic mere in conflict (12)
Anagram (conflict) of SCENIC MERE IN + REMINISCENCE (story),

  29  Refurbished troopship crosses turbulent sea to mark the missing (12)
Anagram (refurbished) of TROOPSHIP mixed with (crosses) anagram (turbulent) of SEA = APOSTROPHISE (mark the missing, ie letters),

  32  It has no one turn up at the outset with cross-gender change (10)
IT + NO and one (I) reversed (turn up) preceded by (initially) cross-gender (TRANS) = TRANSITION (change),

  36  Provocation of Home Counties’ dialect banning many (8)
Home Counties (SE) + DIcTION without (banning) many (C, ie 100) = SEDITION (provocation),

  37  Cruel fracture is sore (5)
Anagram (fracture) of CRUEL = ULCER (sore)

  40  Costume has double attraction to family’s eye (6)
Has double attraction (BI) + family (KIN) + eye (I) = BIKINI (costume),

  41  Unaltered, being of quasi tissular origin (2,2,2)
Extract (origin) from quASI TISsular = AS IT IS (unaltered),

  43  Distressed metal ram (3,2)
Metal (CU) + ram (TUP) = CUT UP (distressed)

  44  The woman’s hesitation is total (5)
The woman (SHE) + hesitation (ER) = SHEER (total)

  46  Attaché I would involve in East African uprising (4)
Put (involve in) I would (ID) into East Africa (EA) reversed (uprising) = AIDE (attaché)