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10 Removing vessel’s ropes (UNRIG) + anagram (turning) of SOUTH containing (claiming) boat (E) = UNRIGHTEOUS (wrong),

11 Bottle (PHIAL) containing (holding) A + inital letters of (R)eally (O)dious (C)hemical’s = PAROCHIAL (restricted),

13 1st letters (starts to) of (B)roadcast (U)nusual + homophone (on the radio) of row (REAU) = BUREAU (office),

14 Reverse (give…a turn) the last 2 letters (final couple) of PRESENTER and move them to the front (opening) = REPRESENT (show again),

15 Anagram (spreading) of 1st half of (OINT)ment = INTO (enthusiastic about),

16 Anagram (rude) of BUTCHER SAT = BRUSCHETTA (toast),

19 Example of social media (INSTA) + complaint (LaMENT) minus (withholding) a = INSTALMENT (part),

20 Very hard (HH) surrounding (checking) perimeter (EDGE) + reversal  (heading back) of try (GO) = HEDGEHOG (being in countryside),

21 Homophone (overheard) of adult (naughty/NAUTI) + composed (CALM) + anagram (about) of LIE = NAUTICAL MILE (measurement),

23 Driving (taking) + liberty (LICENCE) = DRIVING LICENCE (permit),

25 French (when in France) for I (JE) + outer letters (housing) of (S)uble(T) = JEST (josh),

27 Reversal (returned) of rifle (LOOT) = TOOL (agent),

28 Crooked (CRIMINAl) minus last letter (snubbed) + party member (TORY) after everyday insult (DIS) = DISCRIMINATORY (partisan),

31 Anagram (falsely) of CLAIM MASTERY = ASYMMETRICAL (when something’s awry),

33 Anagram (surprisingly) of GOOGL(e) + THA(t), with both word missing (wanting) last letter = GOLGOTHA (unusual place to be buried),

34 Reversal (with hindsight) of sick (ILL) + vicar (REV) with pets (MICE) inserted (disrupt) = VERMICELLI (pasta) ,

36 Anagram (stirring up) of I + A PHONE BOX = XENOPHOBIA (hatred), 37 Take the 1 letters  (at first)of words 3-6 = KILN (oven),

38 Homophone (sounding) of crazy (looney/LUNI) + power (SOLAR) = LUNISOLAR (of heavenly bodies),

40 Complete (THorOUGH) minus (away) love (o) & (R)ight = THOUGH (granted),

42 Start with (beginning) an anagram (quivering) of SMILE + character (TONE) = LIMESTONE (rock),

43 Anagram (jockey) of A SONG + ICONIC = OCCASIONING (producing).


1 Countries jointly (UN) + suspicious (GUARDED) = UNGUARDED (being open to attack),

2 Ist letters (originally) of the last 4 words = JIVE (talk on the street),

3 Outside letters (extremists) of (K)urdis(H) + shoot (RUSH) + guerilla (CHE) + opposing (V) = KHRUSHCHEV (Russian leader),

4 A + chap’s (GENTS) preceded by (at the outset) confidence (SECRET) = SECRET AGENTS (spooks),

5 Word hidden (trapped) in reverse (lying about) in sto(P RUB)y = BURP (wind),

6 Anagram (changes) of KIT WEARS = WATER SKI (sports gear),

7 Comfortable (SOFT) + helping (PLATE) surrounding (bottling) A = SOFT PALATE (body part),

8 Article (THE) + some doctrine or other (ISM) = THEISM (belief),

9 Don’t go out (WAIT IN) + meaning (GIST) with student (L) inserted (comes in) = WAITING LIST (those trying to be patient),

12 Matter (PUS) + involved (COMPLEX) follow reference book (OED) + current (I) = OEDIPUS COMPLEX (Freudian theory),

17 Victoria (PLUM) follows sweetener (SUGAR) = SUGARPLUM (treat),

18 Put an end to (ANNUL) + obscure (ECLIPSE) with reversal (retiring) of artist (RA) in the middle = ANNULAR ECLIPSE (solar event),

22 Read 5,2,2, it could be interpreted as signature way if organising (MO) important (MAJOR) party (DO) = MAJOR-DOMO (senior steward),

24 Anagram (could be) of REAsONING + ANNA minus the ‘s’ (pointless) = NONAGENARIAN (older person),

26 Parisian version of no (NON) + design (SPEC) + provided (IF) + outer letters (exterior) of (I)dylli(C) = NONSPECIFIC (general),

28 Anagram (liberal) of ELECTED AS A = DE-ESCALATE (minimise upset),

29 Note (TE) the in French (LE) + assistant (PA) + packed (THICk) minus last letter (almost everything) = TELEPATHIC (psychic),

30 Tea (CHA) + popular (IN) + group (GANG) = CHAIN GANG (people who are bound to work together),

32 Circle (RING) surrounding a reversal (upsetting) of flower (NILE) = RELINING (backing again),

35 Example (say) of time (MINUTE) with the last two swapping places (cycle) = MINUET (music),

39 Answer hidden (somewhat) and reversed (round) in finall(Y CAL)l = LACY (delicate),

41 Roger (OK) conatins (boxing) at home (IN) = OINK (noise).