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BYLINE TIMES CROSSWORD #21set by Dr DivaJuly 2022


10 Remove vessel’s ropes before turning South, claiming boat’s wrong (11)

  11  Tube filled with a really obnoxious chemical’s initially restricted (9)

  13  Office starts to broadcast unusual series on the radio (6)

  14  Presenter giving the final couple a turn opening show again (9)

  15  Enthusiastic about spreading half of ointment (4)

  16  Rude butcher sat for toast (10)

  19  Example of social media withholding a complaint in part (10)

  20  Being in countryside, very hard checking perimeter. Try heading back. (8)

  21  Overheard adult composed lie about measurement (8,4)

  23  Permit taking liberty (7,7)

  25  When in France, I sublet housing for Josh (4)

  27  Returned rifle to agent (4)

  28  Partisan snubbed crooked party member following everyday insult (14)

  31  Falsely claim mastery when something’s awry (12)

  33  Surprisingly Google that both are ultimately wanting an unusual place to be buried (8)

  34  With hindsight, sick vicar’s pets, say, disrupt making pasta (10)

  36  I go into a phone box stirring up hatred (10)

  37  At first, kitchen installers lined new oven (4)

  38  Crazy sounding power, for instance, of heavenly bodies (9)

  40  Granted complete love right away (6)

  42  Character with quivering smile’s beginning to rock (9)           

43  Producing a song with iconic jockey (11)


    1  Countries jointly suspicious, being open to attack (9)

    2  Talk on the street originally justified illegal vendor’s eviction (4)

    3  Kurdish extremists shoot guerrilla opposing Russian leader (10)

    4  Spooks a chap’s confidence at the outset (6,6)

    5  Stop Ruby lying about trapped wind (4)

    6  Changes kit – wears sports gear (5,3)

    7  Comfortable helping bottling a body part (4,6)

    8  Belief comes from article on some doctrine or other (6)

    9  Those trying to be patient don’t go out, meaning student comes in (7,4)

  12  Matter involved following reference book on current Freudian theory (7,7)

  17  Treat Victoria, perhaps, with sweetener (9)

  18  Put an end to obscure artist retiring in the middle of solar event (7,7)

  22  Senior steward’s signature way of organising important party? (5-4)

  24  Reasoning with Anna could be pointless for older person (12)

  26  No! Parisian design provided idyllic exterior for General (11)

  28  Elected as a Liberal to minimise upset (2-8)

  29  Note the French Assistant packed almost everything for psychic (10)

  30  Tea’s popular with group of people who are bound to work together (5,4)

  32  Circle around flower after upsetting backing again (8)

  35  The last two cycle in time, say, to make some music (6)

  39  Finally call round, somewhat delicate (4)

  41  Noise made by Roger boxing at home (4)