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1 (S)on + anagram (fidgeting) is closer = SCLEROSIS (medical condition),

6 Yours truly is (IM)+ subject (PE) + depressions (DENTS) with IM inserted (found inside) = IMPEDIMENTS (bars),

12 Anagram (running) of NO NO CARL around means (RECIPe) minus last letter (endlessly) = NONRECIPROCAL (no give and take),

13 Bad case (MISTRiAL) minus (eliminated from) one (I) = MISTRAL (wind),

14 Handle (TOUCh) minus last letter (briefly) + AN = TOUCAN (Amazonian bird),

15 Answer is contained in (of) bounCY ANimal = CYAN (colour),

16 Nightdress (NEGLIGEe) without last letter (backless) + 1st and last letters (at the edges) of (N)ea(T) = NEGLIGENT (cool),

18 Anagram of CELLIST’S ALIBI IS = 1st letter (initially) of (M)isrepresented = BALLISTIC MISSILE (form of attack),

20 Answer is contained within (somewhat) musHY PEas = HYPE (overstate the benefits),

22 Reversal (returns) of section (PART) + last letters (at last) of words 5-7 = TRAPEZE (swing),

24 Serious (STERN) + b(UM)p in the middle = STERNUM (bone),

26 Take some of the letters (part) from st(ETHOS)cope = ETHOS (value),

27 Anagram (stupidly) of WE ENROLLED = NE’ER-DO-WELL (a lazy person),

29 IS + not the same as (OTHER) + short version (little) of man’s name of which Mr (MAL)colm X is an example (say) = ISOTHERMAL (having a steady temperature),

32 First person (I) inserted (breaking) into hold (HOST) = HOIST (tackle),

33 Communist (RED) + record (TAPE) = RED TAPE (bureaucracy),

34 Has success (WINS) inserted into (during) Vietnamese New Year celebration (TET) = TWINSET (outfit),

36 Homophone (said to be) of ex/X (no longer) + 1st name (RAY) of which Charles was an example(?) = X-RAY (picture),

37 Anagram (refurb) of NANA’S GAS STOVE DUE = ADVANTAGEOUSNESS (benefit),

41 Anagram (new) of MADE + record (LIST) containing (holding) hand (L) = MEDALLIST (successful competitor),

42 Whimsical interpretation of ESPY,

44 Shortened version (quickly) of A MARkeT containing (in) what we can all see (U) and reversed (turned) = TRAUMA (ordeal),

46 Others (REST) with an anagram (rip) of LET outside = TRESTLE (support),

47 Assume (SHOULDER) + a neighbour (B) + boy (LAD) + 1st letter (beginning) of (E)at = SHOULDER BLADE (bone),

48 With regard to (RE) + little (MINI) + nose (SCENT) = REMINISCENT (nostalgic),

49 Double definition = PRICELESS (if split 5,4 for reduction in cost).


1 Anagram (resolving) of TENSION A BIT = SINO-TIBETAN (to do with popular form of communication),

2 1st letters (originally) of words 2-8 = lingual (of language),

3 Reversal (up) of cut (AXE) + about (RE) at the beginning (starting) + stock (MINE) = RE-EXAMINE (review),

4 Reversal (heading north) of choices (PIcKS) minus ‘c’ (homophonically sea/c going) = SKIP (dodge),

5 Definitely (SUReLY) minus ‘e’ (not oriental) = SURLY (cross),

6 Double definition of INCENTIVES,

7 Friend (PAL) + at HOME (in) + (G)oe(S) minus middle letters (all out),

8 Anagram (crazy) of MILITIAMAN ATE DOG =DAMAGE LIMITATION (effort to reduce harm),

9 Homophone (on the radio) of fail to see (mys/MISS + mark (tick/TIC) = MYSTIC (one showing knowledge of the truth),

10 Where you might cultivate (NURSERY) + sounds like (RHYMES) = NURSERY RHYMES (songs),

11 (L)eft in club (PUTTER) inside (aboard) ship SS = SPLUTTERS (coughs),

17 Anagram (remake) of ORSON WELLES THIRD = OTHERWORLDINESS (state of heavenly being),

19 Double definition of CASTLED (made play in chess and ‘cast led’ – organised by actors,

21 Whimsical double definition of MEME,

23 Whimsical reading of AMERICAN DREAM that resonates with Martin Luther King’s 1963 speech,

25 Reversal (withdrawing) of understands (GETS) with information (GEN) surrounding (about) = NEST EGG (savings),

28 Double definition of DUTY,

30 Anagram (school) of TOLERATES US = LOTUS-EATERS (daydreamers),

31 The in French (LA) + found (STaRT) minus (disposing of) a containing (indoors) of a reversal (climbing) of plant (ROSE) = LAST RESORT (the only option left),

32 Spell (HEX) + homophone (sounding) of inept (amateur/AMETER) = HEXAMETER (line of verse), 35 Current (IN) + anagram (struggles) of BELARUS = INSURABLE (can be covered),

38 Cunning (ART) + s(ISTE)r minus the outer letters (undressed) = ARTISTE (performer),

39 Outside letters (edges) of (E)xquisit(E) with old coin (DUCAT) at the centre = EDUCATE (drill),

40 Surplus (GLUT) + (printer’s) mark (EN) = GLUTEN (protein),

43 1st letters (starts to) of words 3-7 = POLYP (sea creature),

45 This puzzling chap (I, referring to the setter) follows (tracks) still (YET) = YETI (legendary animal).