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10 Soldier (PARA) + saying (PHRASE) + penny (D) = PARAPHRASED (didn’t quote him verbatim),

11 Letter for (H)usband leaves both time (hOUR) and display areas (ShELVES) = OURSELVES (us),

13 Anagram (unexpectedly) of SOOTIEr with last letter removed (scrubbing back) = OTIOSE (completely useless),

14 Terrible (CHRONIC) + battLE with 1st 4 letters redacted = CHRONICLE (account),

15 Double definition of VALE (glen and farewell in ancient Rome),

16 Crumble (ROT) + that’s (IE) filled with some of patISSERie = ROTISSERIE (item used for cooking),

19 Example of (perhaps) composer (HANDEL) with anagram (scattered) of RICE around it = CHANDELIER (light fitting),

20 Reversal (take…back) of Saracen (MOOR) + ring (LOOP) = POOLROOM (games hall),

21 Anagram (doctor) of ANALYSED LUNG = AULD LANG SYNE (a long time ago in Scotland),

23 Trusant (ABSENT) = didn’t like (MINDED) + LevitY minus the middle letters (empty) = ABSENT-MINDEDLY (without giving it much thought),

25 Answer hidden (in midfield) in playeR UNTried = RUNT (weakest),

27 Reversal (about) of RULeS minus (withdrawing) drug (E) = SLUR (abuse),

28 Studies (sciences) preceded by (before) party (social) = SOCIAL SCIENCES (politics or economics for instance),

31 Anagram (renovated) of MINERAL + tip (SPIKE) = MARLINESPIKE (sailor’s tool),

33 Lad (YOUTH) + enough to eat (FULl) minus last letter (almost) = YOUTHFUL (young),

34 Fellow (CHAP) + Has lost status (FALLEN) = CHAPFALLEN (downcast),

36 Old-fashioned (SQUARE) + hand out (DEAL) = SQUARE DEAL (fair arrangement for Americans),

37 Centre letters (essentially) of ga(RN)et = NAVY (colour),

38 Have success (WIN) + clips (DOCKS) containing (incorporating) (S)mall – WINDSOCKS (safety devices),

40 Take the 1st two letters (every couple opening) from words 7-9 = LAVABO (basin),

42 WE from the clue + kicked (BOOTED) surrounding (around) the centre of mans(F)ield = WEB-FOOTED (like seagulls),

43 Geordie way of saying our (WOR) + boy (LaD) minus middle letter (cleared out) + set (SERIES) + WORLD SERIES (American contest).


1 Reversal (mounting) of trouble (DOG) containing strong wines (PORTS) + one (A) = GASTROPOD (particular kind of pest),

2 Take 1st letters (use starts to) of words 5-8 = DADO (rail),

3 Anagram (awkward) of ROCHESTER = the 1st letter (initially) of (E)xperience = THREESCORE (minutes in every hour),

4 Outside letters (discontented) of (C)ornis(H) + idealist (ROMAnTIC) minus the 1st letter (beginning to) of (n)od, preceded by (after taking) pot (PAN) = PANCHROMATIC (being sensitive to colours,

5 Answer is hidden in (stolen from)  landscaPE ARchitect = PEAR (tree),

6 Odd letters (oddly) of (P)a(U)l comes before (starts) fight (BRAWL) containing (involving 1st letter of (C)hav = PUBCRAWL (boozy night out),

7 Anagram (deceptively of SYNC DANCE + A = ASCENDANCY (controlling power),

8 Come clean (LEVEL) has no (O) on top = O LEVEL (qualification),

9 Good (WELL) + sense (MEANING) = WELL-MEANING (kind),

12 Whimsical reading of people who clean up (DUSTERS) the joint (KNUCKLE) = KNUCKLE-DUSTERS (weapons),

17 Anagram (surprisingly) of BLAIR wILL, swapping out (shave head) the w of will for (E)nglish = ILLIBERAL (reactionary),

18 Anagram (arranged) of IN A MAGISTERIAL = EGALITARIANISM (way to make things fairer),

22 (S)outhern + indian (CREE) + revolutionary (CHE) + (D)irector = SCREECHED (cried),

24 Whimsical way of reading DIY, when “it” could mean IT.

26 If split 5, 4, 2, it reads like the instruction in the clue = CLEAR-HEADED (sensible),

28 Disgrace (ScANDAL) minus (having sacked) 1st letter of conservative + court (WOO) + (D)ate = SANDALWOOD (smell),

29 Anagram (into) of TURN A SMILE = NEUTRALISM (way of not taking sides),

30 Reversal (used up) of crow (BRAG) + (E)nergy inside fat (SUET) = SUGAR BEET (farmer’s crop),

32 Still (SILENCE) + middle letter of moto(R)ways = SILENCER (means of keeping quiet),

35 Double definition of PAYOFF,

39 Double definition of CROP,

41 Answer is taken from the middle (gutted) in cadaVER Being = VERB (indicates the action).